February empties


Spring it’s finally here and I’m having a sense of urgency. I need sunshine, I want my summer holiday and some cheap thrills in warm nights of Romanian parties.

Until we have all that for a girly chat, lets go through some of the drugstore products that I’ve finished in February.

Balea Trend It Up dry shampoo – it was my first dry shampoo and I will always feel some strong brand affection for this. Use it wisely and it will serve you the money’s worth. Use it in large quantities and your hair will look like French Revolution gone rogue.

Balea Makeup remover for waterproof eye makeup – I always say you must not expect too much from a drugstore products or you’ll get disapointed. Well, this one didn’t work for me: too oily, to messy, not enough cleaning. Not gonna happen again.

Yves Rocher Minceur Detox – this is a love & hate relationship. Why? Because most of the time I’m being naive and getting my hopes high regarding a brand and go get their most appraised product and…suprize – it’s a spoof. Then I am so upset that I delete all their e-mails and throw all their letters. Until one day, when I come across this beauty wonder: a heavenly scrub that makes you think of planes with fresh cut grass and summer and aggresive happiness… as happines can scrub you and leave your skin oh so soft, no?

Miss Sporty So Energetic foundation – it promises a natural radiance and probably the consumer should feel like a 13 year old schoolgirl. Well, this light foundation not only it doesn’t deliver the above mention glow but it does make your face look all clogged and “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed”. I tossed it without any guilt.

Now, we’re all done for today.

Until next time, wear red lipstick ang glitter all the way:-)

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