KIKO Skin Tone Corrector Primer


I am a big fan of KIKO Cosmetics. I’ve discovered this brand a couple of years ago while working in Milan,  as it is very popular among young Italian beauties. And as a self declared makeup freak that I am I started trying their products and until now I’ve been very pleased with what I’ve  bought from their stores.

By now you already know that I use makeup every working day of the week and if I’m using a liquid foundation I always use primers. And because today I’m going to talk about KIKO, I’ve chose their glorious Peach Skin Tone Corrector Primer.

This is my second Skin Tone Corrector Primer from KIKO. The first one was the Green one, an experience that excited me and made me want to try more. This primer is mainly a hypoallergenic skin tone concealer, the color addressing a particular need. The Peach shade is ideal for all skin tones that would like to find the “healthy skin” effect. In terms of price it is reasonable (about 12 EUR) and in terms of quality it’s quite competitive.


  • your skin really takes that youthful glow – sometimes I’m tempted to use it as a standalone product or as a highlighter.
  • it’s a light primer but it does hold the makeup really well in the course of a working day
  • it comes with a tight air pump that will give you a right product dosage
  • it corrects the appearance of your pores, not so much as the silicone enriched products but enough for a skin that will be covered with foundation or at least a BB cream
  • it is absorbed quickly into the skin
  • at this price , what are you talking about?


  • not very resistant if the weather is not skin-happy or you intend to use it for a long sweaty clubbing night.
  • if your skin is irritated, do not use it as it has a pleasant perfume that might increase the redness.

My rating: 8/10 as it is a good product that checks a lot of categories. Would I repurchase this product? The Peach shade maybe. The Green shade – anytime.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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