KIKO face masks


It is not the first time that I’m reviewing KIKO products. Apart from their nice makeup, they also have great ones for skincare and this is why I’ve decided to talk to you about two of their  facial masks: hydrating and purifying.

I chose these two masks specifically because I always like my face to be hydrated, clean and soft and I’ve figured that I can use these masks on a weekly basis alternating them.

The packaging is really nice colored, the 55 ml pot is made from plastic, very similar with toothpaste, which makes the application very easy.

KIKO Hydrating Mask has a very smooth texture, close to the cold cream with a very delicate smell. I’ve noticed that after using this mask my skin feels very silky and fresh in the same time.

KIKO Purifying Mask seems quite muddy as texture but for oily skin that looks tired and congested it does wonders. Also it has a slight matifying effect.

Overall, these two products do not perform wonders but are good nevertheless and I will acquire them whenever I will have the chance.

Have you tried any of the KIKO’s face masks?

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

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