Bourjois blush

Bourjois blush

Hello ladies! I hope that those of you celebrating Easter have a wonderful weekend among your loved ones. For those who don’t, just have fun anyway:-)

Today I’ve decided that I’m being lazy and you know that laziness brings a special health shimmer on your face. Talk about shimmer: Bourjois is one of the brands that I have a special affection for. One day I’ve decided to be bold: I had to buy a blush. So this was the moment when shade 37 came into my life. Rose Pompon.

Rose Pompon is a soft shimmery peachy rose shade which I figured will be perfect for day wear. Yes, I know it’s not that bold as I’ve imagined but my inner self was quite joyous with this blush. Future was to prove me the opposite.

– very nice package, comes also with a cute little brush
– very nice color
– low pigmentation ( for me it’s a plus as I wanted a subtle blush)

– funky fragrance (it smells like old people aftershave)
– the product is developing a protective coat in time and at a point you have to scrape it.

My rating: 6/10. Would I buy it again? No.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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