Galenic micellar cleansing water


When it comes to skincare I just love French products. So when an opportunity comes to buy such products, I never give it a second thought.

Such opportunity came with Galenic and their micellar water. Let me say it in French, because it sounds so much better: Pur, a l’eau florale de melilot – Eau demaquillante micellaire, visage et yeux. Teste sous controle dermatologique. Indeed.

For a couple of years I’ve been faithful to the much appraised Bioderma for sensitive skin, but recently I’ve started snooping around in search for the perfect balance: no fragrance – 100% makeup removal powers. Well, you cannot have it all (sob).

They say:

Galenic has created the first makeup remover care derived from water distilled from Melilot, an extract of the flowery tips of Melilot. Thanks to this pure active and unique agent with fundamental properties on the cutaneous microcirculation, Pur revives the vital functions of the skin
It purfies and eliminates makeup, impureties and dead cells.
It stimulated the cutaneous microcirculation
It promotve a better cellular oxydation.
Free of its toxins, shining with health, the skin is perfectly clean, fresh and toned.

Efficacy: Fresh-feeling skin: 97%, Clear skin: 93%

I say:

Mais oui, wow!

When I first used it I could not understand two things: why it takes the double or sometimes triple amount of cotton pads to finish a thorough makeup removal and where is that flower smell coming from an hour after I’ve finished this process.  Then it hit me: could it be that this product it’s actually more effective in terms of delivering your skin a squeaky clean sensation? Could this be the Graal of micellar water that we’ve all searched for?  Sadly no, because of (at least) two little buggers in the ingredients list that everybody knows now to read it: alcohol and perfume. Merde. Say what?

Sadly, I will not repurchase this product, as much as my heard is full of French sadness.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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