MoroccanOil revelations


A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling guilty for the latest coloring treatments applied to my hair and decided to give it a little pampering.

From the large products range that MoroccanOil has, I chose the treatment for fine hair, the light version.

I know that I’m the latest to arrive in the MoroccanOil fanclub but for me it is really a revelation as my hair is quite a troublemaker: frizzy, oily, fine and blonde colored.

– light texture
– it is quickly integrated and used with caution does not build up
– helps a lot with the frizz
– doesn’t leave your hair feeling oily
– smells so good
– at first, I did not realize that buying the 200 ml bottle I would commit myself to a long term affair as this product will last at least a good couple of months

– for short fine hair, like mine, the product dosage is too much as I slightly coat my ends, as they tend to dry in time.

My rating: 9/10. To sum up: I fell in love with my hair once again as it’s texture was so smooth and silky due to this MoroccanOil treatment. My hair looks healty.

What was your experience with MoroccanOil?

Until then, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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