MakeUp For Ever HD Primer


Not so long ago, I started a new approach in my quest for a smart beauty buying process: shop small quantities that you can usually find as collections of core products to decide if that product is worth the trouble and the money, as they often don’t come cheap.

Also, in my makeup bag you will always find at least 5 or 6 primers as  I like to swap products regularly but I basically focus on products that are super easy to apply, either give you that super health glow or have a lot of silicone in order for my oily prone skin to be tamed.

MUFE HD microperfecting primer seemed perfectly integrated into this picture.

– it’s skin super-friendly with a light texture that doesn’t choke every cell on your face
– versatile package: plastic bottle with a little pump that gives you just the right amount of primer to cover the whole face

– don’t get your hopes high, it’s an  expensive product.
– it doesn’t make my everyday makeup look any better or last longer than without a primer
– no plus regarding oil control either; actually it is like applying the makeup just after the moisturizer.

My rating:6/10 (as I give them benefit of a doubt that there are people who actually like this primer).

Stop by to share your thoughts about MUFE HD primer.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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