Inglot Gel Eyeliner


As this cat-eye mania is starting to wear off but somehow in our hearts we cannot get enough of eyeliners I just became curious about the famous Inglot products.

About two months or so ago, as their first store was opened in Bucharest, I’ve  purchased one black liquid eyeliner (to be reviewed very soon) and one of their gel eyeliners. The AMC gel eyeliner is in shade 95 which is a nice shimmery gold and it comes in a 5.5 g pan, more than enough for any eyeliner if you intend to use it frequently. I’ve been using this product ever since as I’m mad for bold daylight makeup


  • it doesn’t smudge
  • it’s waterproof
  • it’s pigmented
  • lovely texture
  • easy to correct
  • stays in place for 8 hours
  • fair price


  • dries quickly, so you have to work super-fast

My rating: 8.5/10. I would recommend you to give it a try especially because they have a wide range of color options for you to choose from.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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