Bioderma Sensibio AR – Anti Redness Cream


I’m a person that recently discovered that suffers from rosacea. Although it’s in it’s early stages, I’ve discovered quite a few things since starting this battle:

  • it doesn’t matter if you had taken good care of your skin until this age, using only quality products, respecting the beauty rituals clockwise, this condition can still affect you
  • when it does, everything you knew about beauty and makeup is brought to ground zero, and you start to re-learn how to do things
  • it’s a never-ending battle that you must carry with ambition and determination and never give up

Currently I’m following the treatment that my doctor gave me but she also recommended me to use an anti-redness day cream of my choosing. I had some inefficient trails with some other brands (see it here) and based on it’s user review’s from other people with this condition, so I started my experience with Bioderma.


  • good moisturizing
  • it absorbs nicely and fast
  • pleasant texture
  • fragrance free
  • at some point, it does reduce redness, although I cannot state that this is due solely to this cream


  • redness disappearance is only temporary

For now, I will not rate this product but leave you with all of the above and an overall impression: although the product contains some anti-inflammatory ingredients as a standalone treatment cannot treat the redness which can appear again due to persistence of external factors (like cold, use of caffeine, stress, etc.)

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)



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