I’m a big fan of MUFE products and honestly since I’ve discovered this HD powder nothing has been the same in terms of loose powder. This truly is  the true Holy Grail of finishing powders and has become part of my everyday makeup ever since I’ve bought it (click: here).


  • you don’t use it for coverage, it’s strictly a finishing powder and this is what it does best: it will set your makeup, it will make your skin look a lot softer and matte
  • you only need a tiny amount of powder (otherwise it will make your face look cakey)  for covering the whole face
  • didn’t cause any breakouts for me
  • perfect for that super blended and soft focused look
  • one shade, independent of your skin type and color


  • never ever use it when you are going to be photographed
  • pretty expensive

My rating: 9/10. Overall, it’s a smart product that helps you achieve that sophisticated look and if you want to try it on a medium term I would recommend to purchase the smaller size pot.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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