Makeup Forever HD Foundation


Hello beauties!

After buying this product, I wanted to try it right away. This foundation was appraised as one of the best from the top best foundations. In fact when makeup artists rave about this product over and over you tend to believe them and somehow you are tempted to give a product more chances than it actually deserves.

It didn’t wow me. In fact, the first time I’ve used it I was so horrified about the results (a dark running foundation film on my skin that looked like a bad joke) that I refused to use it for a while and it remained forgotten somewhere in the drawer and the makeup artists remained with their 17 years old models with flawless faces to apply makeup on. Because, not like us, they get it for free.

Generally, I’m a person with a high degree in perseverance. At some point I felt ashamed  for spending a lot of money on a product that I was never going to use. An started my trial and error process: with my fingers – not working; with the dry sponge – not working; with wet egg-shaped sponge – nor working; with the foundation brush – not working; with the buffing brush – not working; with the stippling brush – working.

Wait, what? Yes, it is the dark little secret of this product and my post-trial search on the Internet confirmed my observations: a nice a la carte manual stippling made the foundation absorbed by the skin and the result can be a medium coverage with smooth looking skin and a little bit sheer. I’m still not impressed by this foundation, as I think it requires the double amount of work for applying it than a normal one and the soft focus result is not that soft focus. Nevertheless, the product lasts all day long on the face without any crack and I didn’t notice my oily areas become oily throughout the day.

I will not rate this product, as I believe this product looks good on a skin without any problem or fine line, but for the average mature women, I would not recommend it as the hype for this foundation comes true only for a niche of the consumers.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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