Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment


Hello beauties!

I am sorry for my delayed absence due to prolonged vacation combined with a hectic first week at the office. Talk about real life blasting!

What I’ve learned about bags for holiday during this time: if you are going to the beach always pack a hair mask. In this regard, about two months ago I’ve bought this Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment for my recently colored hair. And boy, how I’ve missed this mask during my week at the beach.


  • good moisturizer – after applying it the hair remains soft
  • it has a pleasant fragrance
  • it rinses quickly
  • makes the hair extremely manageable afterward


  • the texture is not as thick as I would expect at a mask, but at a conditioner
  • I have not seen any effects in terms of extra shine

Bottom line, I would recommend this mask for you to try because like any professional treatment, it delivers a higher quality than the average drugstore product. For what it’s worth I’ve already bought a second can and just after one usage, my hair (affected by salt, sun and beach) started it’s revitalization.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)





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