September empties


Hello beauties!

What a busy month! First it was vacation for me, then coming back with an awful cold from the Florida’s beaches, then working like a mule to finish some projects. And still am, but that’s life and you have to enjoy every moment, no matter.

September has ended swiftly and I have a lot of empties to talk about. Unfortunately there are no makeup products in this list as lately it seems I’ve been buying a lot and never got the chance to concentrate a lot on finishing them.


  • Boots Mango & Papaya Body Cream – I’ve been telling you about this product in June (read: here) but I never had the chance of reviewing this body cream; well, the bottom line: great scent but not such a great product in terms of body cream – it has a low degree for moisturizing the skin which remains somehow sticky after using the cream. It consists in a mix between a gel and a cream – the gel is ok but sticky and the cream will hardly be absorbed into the skin. Not gonna buy this again
  • Nivea anti-perspirant Invisible for Black&White – it’s a classic, but better for winter than summer
  • Nivea Q10 Anti-Age hand-cream – really, for a drugstore brand, they deliver some of the best hand-creams and whenever I don’t know what to buy, Nivea would be the choice – medium priced but good quality.


  • Farmec Quick Dry nail spray – Other brand I like and this product helps me every  week  when I’m doing my nails in the morning – it really speeds the nail polish drying  process. It is basically my first quick nail dry spray but it’s cheap and efficient and already has a refill in my bathroom.


  • Wella Brilliance Treatment for fine to normal hair – you can read the review: here. And yes, I started using the refill:)


  • Beauty Formulas – Cleansing Nose Pore Strips – I try to use the nose pore strips once a week. This package has been bought from DM drugstore, it was a little bit expensive than the others and I was trying it for the first time. Overall, it didn’t seem that it does something extra or different than any other cleansing nose pore strips so nothing to review here.
  • Bioderma Sensibio AR – Probably you have noticed that this second bottle of this face cream that I’ve emptied but I’m convinced it’s a good one. I believe it to be perfect for summer days if you have sensitive or oily skin. Just give it a try.
  • Botanics – Cleansing Face Wipes All Bright – I’ve been using this face wipes when going to the gym (to clear the makeup before working out) and during my holiday, when I was too tired to wash my face (bad choice, I know, but I’m not perfect). Overall, I felt like they do a decent cleaning job but considering they are face wipes for sensitive skin they should never put perfume in them and although the material didn’t feel irritating my skin was a little bit red after using them. So, I have my doubts if I’m going to use them again.
  • Elmiplant Micelar Water – read my review: here. Overall, be smart and don’t waste your money on a product not worthy of them.

Yes, it has been a busy month, but I hope that the next month I’m going to have a diversified list:) Have a wonderful October!

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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