Quo Bronzer


Hello beauties!

Today’s post is about a product belonging to a brand that I’ve found in Canada drugstores: Quo.  This is a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive line of color cosmetics and cosmetic accessories at a reasonable price. I never tried this cosmetics before and I  felt quite curious as I saw many women buying from their stand.

So I’ve decided to share some thoughts on a shimmering summer bronzer called Miami Rush.  The shade is complementary for my fair skin. I believe this to be a limited edition from an older collection of summer bronzers.


  • inexpensive (this was about 15$)
  • elegant package
  • smooth texture
  • the shimmer is not that obvious
  • it can easily last on your face as any other bronzer


  • limited distribution

The product overall it’s not an underachiever, no more than any other drugstore products. It can easily be used day or night and the compact case with mirror makes it easy to stash it into the purse All in all, for the same amount you can buy products from other brands. So if you have the chance, maybe give them a try, who knows, you might like them. And if you do, please tell me about your experience with Quo.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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