Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful


Hello beauties,

If you are like me you will understand my statement that for nothing in this world would I pass my morning and evening rituals of cleaning and hydrating my face. I am quite a freak when it comes to serums and anti-age face creams.

Soap& Glory products are not new for me but I haven’t tried yet their face care products. After two months of constant using this serum, I’ve come to the conclusion that’s a decent time frame for a proper review.

– it has delicious bubble gum smell
– the skin does seems more hydrated and somehow rejuventated so it has an effect for the dull skin
– easily absorbed by the skin with a light cream consistency
– can be used morning and evening
– the lovely package (Soap &Glory are one of the coolest brands right now in terms of sassy packaging) and product dispensing system (opaque bottle with pump)

– of course, it does not perform miracles for wrinkles that already exist on your face
– some ingredients may cause irritation for sensitive skin or breakouts although I haven’t noticed anything of the sort on my face
– availability -I haven’t found Soap &Glory products in Romania for a while but you can order them online.

My face seems to really like this serum against all odds and I would give it a high rating and recommend it for further use. Anyone tried it already?

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

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