Sunday pampering (part II)


Hello beauties,

December is supposed to be a month eager with Christmas anticipation. As it has been raining and cold for over two weeks now all I can think of is stay in bed, sleep and read. And because today it’s Sunday, a little pampering is in place.

This is not the first post about Apivita masks (see here) or their products but as I like to diversify, I’ve decided to try some more:

Express Beauty with green clay – it’s a deep cleansink mask with green clay. I’ve used it mainly for my T zone and it worked like a charm. I didn’t notice any major advantages of this product compared with other clay masks from other brands but just the fact that my skin didn’t seem so tight after removing it.

Express Beauty with ginko biloba – this is a mask for dark circles and eye-puffiness. First time I’ve applied it together with the clay mask and maybe that was not wise as strange opposite sensations were mixing on my face so I would recommend it for a standalone usage. The texture was gentle and somehow a little cooling but the results were not wowing me but on the other hand, as there were no negative effects I believe this mask wasn’t supposed to.

All in all, for a little treat and spoil these masks are a cute alternative for your usual treatment and as they come in a pack of two, you can always verify the first-hand results. Or just enjoy your me-time and relax.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way;-)


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