Inglot haul


Hello beauties,

We’re almost halfway through of December and as you have noticed I kinnda took a break from blogging because sometimes it’s ok just to observe, to live and lo learn. A lot of parties are announced this month so a lot of preparations have been on my mind but that never took me away from a little shopping spree, this time Inglot.  You’ll notice that I was hooked on pink, taupe and gold as colors.

Pink comes in form of two lipsticks ( one a sleek cream hot pink and the other a frozen pink, both very cute and girlish) and a nail polish (that’s a cotton candy pink that will be absolutely smashing in a glittery gold and petrol-grey combination on my nails).

Taupe comes in form of a mono eyeshadow with a little shimmer, perfect for a smokey eye look in the evening of for office days (when used instead of an eyeliner).

Gold comes in form of a metallic nail polish that will be perfectly as a stand alone color or in any combination or even as a base for glittery gold top coat.

And because now all of us cannot think about anything else but how to adapt to the color of 2015, I decided that this coppery bronze body pigment will serve well as a transition throughout the holidays and other parties. If you don’t know how to use the body pigments (I also was not aware of this wonderful product) you can check the Inglot YouTube channel here. Hmm, that gives you a lot of ideas, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, if you don’t have the inspiration you can use this body pigments as eye-shadows (as long as their ingredient lists do not contain irritants).

So very soon I’m planning a lot of review for for all of them so stay tuned and enjoy every moment of this wonderful month.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way;-)


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