Paese Powder Pearls

Pudra Paese Powder Pearls Golden Brown



Hello beauties,

It seems like Christmas this year will not bring a lot of snow but a sunny warm weather. And with sunny weather hopefully comes a natural ski tan for those of you that spend this holidays in the mountains.

Because not long ago I’ve mentioned buying the Paese powder pearls (you can read it here) in a nostalgia gesture, I believe this product it’s perfect for a natural makeup look during this period. These pearls are supposed to provide a sheer natural bronze color and also perfectly highlight an existing tan.

While the actual pearl powder is used by Asian women in different beauty techniques (you can read an interesting article here), the powder from Paese is strictly to be used as makeup. Among the 3 shades available at the counter, I have chosen the lightest one, called Natural, actually a combination of soft pink withe and gold.

The package is nothing much – a plastic case with a black cover, a transparent body and a stopper that keeps the pearls from spreading.

The technique for using this powder is taking a soft powder brush and sweep it gently over the pearls and apply it over the areas of your face and body that you want to highlight. The powder will give my cheeks a lovely discrete (and I emphasize the word) glow as I currently have no tan to emphasize.  Also, because it has a subtle effect, it may well be used as setting powder.

I’m aware that not everybody can be a fan of the powder pearls as their mute effect require a skin in almost perfect condition for that wow effect and why pay those money for that much subtlety when you can always get The Balm? Nevertheless, for better and worse, these powder pearls were not a bad investment especially as I am considering ways for a more natural&youthful look for everyday wear. How about you, would you consider using this kind of product? Leave a short comment below about your experience.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

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