Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleaning Mousse



Hello beauties,

Not so long ago I’ve made a choice in diversifying the products that I use for cleaning my face. Somehow, I considered at that time that Clinique will be one of the brands that I start with (you can read about it here) and with their Rinse-off Foaming Mousse. I chose Clinique not because their claims of allergy and dermatologist tested concepts (in most parts they are bogus), but because of my previous positive experience with Clinique products (at least I’m taking the personal experience as a benchmark).

This mousse is a creamy cleanser used for makeup removal that comes in a nice tube that helps you control how much product you are dispensing. Because of it’s thickness, you don’t require a lot of product for application (so the tube will take a lot of months to be emptied, even with a daily usage). It makes a mild foam that cleans thoroughly every makeup trace (I found it also very good for waterproof makeup but it’s better to avoid the eye areas) and the bonus for me was that it has no fragrance so I haven’t noticed any breakouts or increased redness related to this product usage.

Related to the claims that this cleansed produces dryness on some skin patches due to potassium-based ingredients, although I have a combination skin with sensitive dry cheeks, until now I haven’t noticed such an effect on those areas. On the other hand, keeping those reviews in mind, I did however try to alternate using this cleanser with the classic makeup remover milk and micellar water.

Overall, this product it’s a keeper when combined with a great moisturizing routine.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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