MoroccanOil Restorative Hair Mask

MOilHello beauties,

I hope your February is as peaceful as it can be and your lives are full of calm and joy. That being said, I’m aware that our existence is not always as it should be, and not all the time we have the focus and energy to be in the center of our concerns, which is my current worry right now. And, back to our mundane subjects, a 5 to 7 revitalizing mask is sometimes too much time allocated in or race for efficiency that we might want to skip it. But for this one, I promise you, you don’t have to.


  • immediate shine effect: I regularly color my hair in all sorts of blonde shades so over time the hair due to the chemical treatment tends to become dry. Using this mask twice a week (although they recommend it only once) has helped me a lot in keeping my hair lustrous, soft and healthy looking
  • detangle effect: because my hair is very fine when washing, it tangles a lot, but this masks helps me undo that
  • split ends: I’ve been trying to grow my hair for over a year now and because of that I’ve been adjusting the ends every six weeks; not once during this time my ends have been split and every time the hairdresser was asking me why I wanted to cut my hair as it looked in perfect condition(it’s true that apart from this hair mask I’ve been also using the argan oil from the same company)
  • fragrance: it has a non-invasive delicate smell that I absolutely love.


  • time: it is a common aspect for all hair masks, but I’m still expecting the scientists to invent a 10 seconds hair mask
  • money: yes, you’ll pay a lot for the brand as in all Moroccan Oil products but for me this has worth every penny
  • volume: like any other moisturizing hair product, this one will also leave you with zero volume in your hair

Overall, this mask is one of the products that I swear by and if you are coloring your hair I would recommend you to give it a chance.

Have you tried if? If so, please leave a short comment about your experience with this product.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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