Two shades of obsession

imageHello beauties,

Valentines Day is long gone and so is the excitement of Fifty shades of Grey (both the movie and the book) but both aspects have raised a legit question in my mind: over the last two months I’ve been stuck in my own obsession, this time regarding lipsticks – am I so comfortable in my circle of trust made of red and fuchsia?

Times teaches that you don’t have to know it all and mastering makeup does not necessarily end with the perfect smokey eye or a la carte Kardashian contouring. It’s the chic element that comes into play, a natural luminous makeup and a perfect applied lipstick and lipliner, all of it to soften the cold outside and to make things easy-going.

  • Red – I’ve been using a red lipgloss from Essence, XXXL Longlasting, a matt effect lipgloss in shade 07 Silky Red. It’s a bright red, intensely pigmented product that doesn’t look really dry on the lipsticks. Because it has the tendency to fade after three or four hours (which involve some drinking, eating and other cultural activities) I’ve been hooking this product with Rimmel Lasting Finish lip contouring pencil in shade 021 Red Dynamite which is somehow dry and increases the duration of the lipstick on the lips. The overall effect leads to somehow a pin-up makeup look.
  • Fuchsia – It is my go-to color and somehow it became my trademark over the years. recently I’ve bought the amazing Aqua Lip from Make Up For Ever in shade 16C, a genius product in my favorite color. This is a creamy non-transferable lipliner, easy to apply long lasting and fairly pigmented that can be used standalone or as an outline for lipsticks. If used alone, the effect is somehow drying over the hours but you can tap a little gloss from time to time to increase lip hydration. For a softer effect I’ve been applying the pencil all over my lips being careful at the outlining and afterward applying the Bourjois Color Boost chubby stick (read more about it here) for a lustrous effect.

Everything, from newspapers to Internet tell us that we should feel like stars (probably just to sell us a product or two). And maybe it’s time we did.

By the way, happy b-day to all of us as this blog has been online for 1 year now thanks to all of yoy, my dear and beautiful readers outthere.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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