Bioderma Hidrabio Riche

bioderma hydrabio

Hello beauties,

During winter or any other cold periods our skin needs a different care and attention to protect, hydrate and maintain a good condition. Apart from exercise, drinking water and eating healthy, a good face cream can work wonders (but pay attention that all elements are both equal in importance and one cannot be excluded from this list).

Lately I’ve been trying my luck with Bioderma Hidrabio Riche.


  • packaging – the 40 ml product comes in a tube with a pump dispenser
  • fragrance free
  • creamy texture, the skin feels soft and moisturized after using it – it is true that when I started using this product my dry skin patches were flakey and dull (I call it “snake skin effect”) that disappeared completely after two days with Bioderma


  • no sunscreen protection
  • apparently it contains some alcohol which makes me think the formula is not as genius as they claim it to be

I have been using this face cream for about two weeks now but mostly in combination with a retinol and I’m not sure about the counter effects so apparently it seems that it works but for me it will not be a repurchase as much as I would have loved to.

Have you used this face cream? Leave a short comment below with your experience.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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