L’Oreal Super Liner Extra Black Gloss

Hello beauties,

As the sunny spring atmosphere is unravelling our makeup looks should be easy and on the natural side. This doesn’t mean that we should let go of everything we love, but addapt it. Like the cat-eye look. Creating the perfect eyeliner flick has been a subject of debate for so long now and everyone of us has joined the discussion regarding the product that will achieve that.

I somehow was bored with the three black eyeliners I already had so I’ve decided to try is the one from L’Oreal, Super Liner Extra Black Gloss.The product is a liquid eyeliner pen with a soft sponge tip with a semi-glossy finish.

– does not smudge or flake after 8 hours of wearing it
– due to the soft sponge tip, the application it’s super easy
– it is removed well at the end of the day

– the black color is not that intense, somehow watery
– I mentioned that the finish is semi-glossy compared with other eyeliners (Inglot, for example)
– the tip is a littl large for a fine pointed flick if you intend a sofisticated cat-eye makeup
– for every time you use it the applicator goes dry so quickly that it’s annoying the whole in and out of the tube motion for moisturizing the tip of the eyeliner.

Overall, the product is not mind-blowing but it’s ok: reasonably priced and adequate for a quick make-up look.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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