Hello beauties,

Today I’m going to talk about a conditioner belonging to a brand that is new to me in terms of experience: I have never used Redken before but have read a lot about it in different posts.

Hair rituals are very important for me since I started color treating my hear so it is not something unheard that one day I distinctly feel the need of a new conditioner, something that will help my blonde hair to look healthy and luscious and an offer for Redken just happened to pop-up on my browser (so at least that’s what I tell my self every time I want to buy something more expensive than my usual purchase).


  • very light, does not w height the hair down
  • very soft and pleasant fragrance
  • the moisturizing level is ok for a fine hair (but if you have thick hair this product might not be so adapted to your needs)


  • if you have really dry hair it might bee too light
  • when washing your hair, if you get those knots of tangled hair and hope the conditioner will help, think twice as this product will not come to your rescue
  • price – let’s face it, the product it’s expensive (about the double price than a drugstore conditioner)

Overall I am ok with this conditioner, I would have expected a lot more from it but this is just my subjective way of looking at this product and it does not mean that I think it’s a bad product and I would recommend it to give it a try. I would also like to try in the future products form the “All Soft” range.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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