NYX Soft Matte Istanbul Lip Cream


Hello beauties,

As April is my favorite month of the year (for the obvious reasons involving sun and nature reborn) I wanted to treat myself with something in accordance with all the happiness and easy going nature all around me. And buying a new lipstick is always a good idea (it’s the same like buying new shoes but cheaper) so I made a haul with NYX (guess you’ll see a lot of those reviewed soon). Among those bought, one alone became preferred: Soft Mate Lip Cream in shade Istanbul, a neutral soft pink matte lipstick.

– the color – is perfect for light skinned girls, perfect for spring and summer, perfect for any natural makeup look or versatile enough for any other composition
– the texture – it’s creamy enough (but if you ask me I’m not awed)
– the price – I’m starting to think that NYX is a honest company most of the time in terms of pricing strategy as the products are affordable enough

– as most of matte lipstick it dries the lips so make sure you apply a balm before
– don’t be fooled that it’s long lasting (for some reason I always think they should be) – it lasts a little bit longer on the lips than a creamy lipstick but not too long

I’m pretty sure that NYX has not rocked my world, but overall it’s an ok product and if you have not tried NYX products yet it might be a good place to start.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way! 🙂

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