Three face masks


Hello beauties,

I love face masks and every Sunday I have my pampering hour when I include this kind of product in my beautifying rituals. Because I always want to try new products I rarely buy anything other than those that come for single uses and today I have selected 3:

Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera Face Spa – the masks from Montagne Jeunesse have been something constant in my shopping bag whenever I feel like wasting time at DM because they always deliver or at least they have done no harm (sensitive skin is a never-ending subject). The product comes impregnated into a facial tissue (that makes the application so much easier). The fragrance is pleasant and the effect is soothing for the skin.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask – off all three, this one had the best fragrance, nicest texture and the worst effect: my skin started stinging the minute the mask was on my face but calmed after a minute but remained red after using it.

Salthause Luxus Totes Meer Premium-mask Anti-stress – this mask comes in a form of gel. The effect is a little cooling on the skin and afterwards the skin fels soft and plumped. The package is split in two so the mask can be used two times.

How about you, have you tried any of these masks and if so, did you have a nice experience?

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)



  1. I have never tried any of these masks, but I used to buy TBS Vitamin E products and they work quite nicely. it’s the shame this mask caused some issues for you. :/


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