April empties


Hello beauties,

Against my good habits this post comes later as the weekend with 1st of May put me in the laziest mood ever. Generally speaking, your habits tell a lot about your person and under normal circumstances I would have pushed for an active schedule but lately I’m more on letting life happen and me enjoying thins as they appear. I hope your weekend was fulfilling as well.


  • Eucerin Aquaporin Active body lotion – because I use body lotions almost on a daily basis I finish them before I get to review them. Generally I like Eucerin products because of their sensitive skin friendly approach and at a point I was looking for a body lotion that could help my skin survive the winter. This lotion was mildly moisturizing (so for the dry skin areas had little effect) and a little too watery for my taste but with the all dermatological benefits (without alcohol or fragrance that might cause an irritation). I would not point this product as something I would recommend for winter time but I’m prepared to give Eucerin another try.
  • Avene cold cream – my hands are always in need of cream and during colder periods the need becomes an urge. This product was recommended by my pharmacist. I haven’t used it no my face but exclusively on my hands. After application the cream didn’t get absorbed quickly and my skin was feeling quite sticky and full of plastic smell. As for hydration, I wasn’t impressed as I didn’t feel the product is better than any other (although the price is double).


  • Nivea 3 in 1 Micelar Cleaning Water – this is my second or third bottle of micelar water from Nivea(I have also mentioned this product here) and my opinion remains as a recommendable product.
  • Nivea Cleansing Milk – this product is for me in the same category as cotton balls – something that’s primarily so useful and so good that needs no other introduction. Whenever I’m not feeling the excitement of trying something new I always chose Nivea Cleansing Milk as it does what’s supposed to do. Period.
  • Bioderma Hidrabio Riche – first I was excited about this cream but my excitement gradually decreased as the effects were less than visible so for people with my type of skin I would not favor this product (read full review here).


  • MaxFactor CC cream – I’m so sad that this CC cream is emptied because I got along so well with it and will probably be a repurchase (read the full review here)
  • E.L.F. Essentials Eyelid Primer – this primer was never a purchase for me but always came as a bonus whenever I placed an order on the E.L.F. site ( I have mentioned this primer also here). Unfortunately this product has done nothing for me except for a major crease and oily lids.
  • E.L.F.Face Setting Spray – this is product that I haven’t reviewed but on the other hand I haven’t bought until now any other similar product that I can compare this one to. When working with multiple layers of foundation and setting powder a real help in making the final result looking less cakey is the setting spray and this one really helps a lot considering that I’m a fan of multi-layering. I’m not sure what to say about making the products stay longer on your face because I didn’t notice any real difference. Anyhow, I’ve already purchased a second bottle but I’m opened to try different brands.

As you can see, April was a lot about care routine and natural look and I would love to read some comments about how was your April.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


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