Hello beauties,

Today I’m going to talk about a conditioner belonging to a brand that is new to me in terms of experience: I have never used Redken before but have read a lot about it in different posts.

Hair rituals are very important for me since I started color treating my hear so it is not something unheard that one day I distinctly feel the need of a new conditioner, something that will help my blonde hair to look healthy and luscious and an offer for Redken just happened to pop-up on my browser (so at least that’s what I tell my self every time I want to buy something more expensive than my usual purchase).


  • very light, does not w height the hair down
  • very soft and pleasant fragrance
  • the moisturizing level is ok for a fine hair (but if you have thick hair this product might not be so adapted to your needs)


  • if you have really dry hair it might bee too light
  • when washing your hair, if you get those knots of tangled hair and hope the conditioner will help, think twice as this product will not come to your rescue
  • price – let’s face it, the product it’s expensive (about the double price than a drugstore conditioner)

Overall I am ok with this conditioner, I would have expected a lot more from it but this is just my subjective way of looking at this product and it does not mean that I think it’s a bad product and I would recommend it to give it a try. I would also like to try in the future products form the “All Soft” range.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


March empties


Hello beauties,

Another month comes close to an end and it’s time for another empties list. What I like about this kind of post, apart from a nice retrospective on some reviews (because I don’t come up with the time to review all products that I’m using), is the highlight it gives on my preferences and their evolution.
For instance this month I’ve discovered I use a lot of hand cream (basically each time after I wash my hands) and I’m in constant search for a better product even if that means a more expensive one.
Without further due, here goes the empties list:

Nivea Cream Care shower cream – as I always say, when in doubt use Nivea. Their recent addition to the shower gels&creams collection is a nice creamy product that comes with the vlassic Nivea scent and it does not dry your skin after using it, so it cannot go wrong. The trouble with Nivea is that it can get a little bit borring sometimes and then we migrate in along the aisles of the supermarket in search of another adventurous product.
Bottega Verde Argan del Marocco hand cream – this product is something I usually would not buy from a drugstore as it’s price is almost double than a regular one. But I was impressed that the quality was decent and the fragrance was surprisingly pleasant (as you know, I’m not a fan of scented products). Overall I would give this product another try soon and made me curious for Bottega Verde products.
Garnier Intensive Repair hand cream – another hand cream finishrd this month (maybe because it was so cold for a long time) but this one was not impressive at all, maybe only in size as it’s bigger than most of handcreams found in a drugstore. Apart from that, I didn’t feel my hands very hydrated despite their used of word “intense” and the perfume (a little bit cheap for my taste but in a lower quantity would have been ok without me being called a snob) contradicts the “dermatologically tested” claim. I have nothing against Garnier products in general but this one did not do it for me.
Sephora nail polish base – it is a multi-action base for strengthening and smoothing the nails; the product has been in my drawer for quite some time and it was the moment for us to part but when it comes to Sephora nail products I always am pleased with the result

Clear Anti-Dandruff Intense Hydratation shampoo – this shampoo is a recent discovery for me; for a while I have used an organic shampoo that did nothing good for my hair but it made it dry and my scalp itchy. It took me a while to realize that it was the shampoo to blame and in the rush of the momen I’ve bought this one from Clear. It proved to be a decent shampoo and a bit effective as my scalp stopped itching so it’s something I’m going to buy again in the future.
Syoss Shine Boost conditioner –  I have been using this condioner for a while ( yeah, it’s a big bottle) first on a regular basis at home but after a while I have used it only when washing my hair after gym class. That being said, you can guess it was a miss as I haven’t noticed any extra shine or increased moisturizing so this will not be a repurchase.

Apidermin face cream – as it is not the first jar of this cream consumed I will not linger on, just point out that during winter this cream can at times be a miracle but as the summer aproaches the high amount of vaseline can be a minus.
Uriage Roseliane – I have previously talked about this face cream (click here for the full review), as for me it didn’t work. It’s silicone texture and lack of moisturizing made me decide I will not buy this face cream in the future. Probably for a normal skin type and less problems than mine this would work wonders.

E.L.F. Brow Kit – this product was reviewed a while back (click here for the story) and I have not changed my mind since. It’s a nice kit for your eyebrows, it’s not expensive and I would recommend it for everybody as a starting point
Benefit They’re Real mascara – With Benefit products I have tried so hard to grow into liking them but I had sucess only in such a few cases. I am sorry that this mascara also did not work for me despite it’s good reviews found on numerous blogs but a spiky wand did not make my eyelashes long or/and full of volume and I really don’t see the point in wasting money when you can get the same effect for less. I would give them credit that the named wand it gave my eyelashes enough separation but I did not feel it build and I was always afraid of poking my eye with it. Probably it’s a personal experience but mine was not comfortable.

I look forward for April to begin as I have new and pretty products to review for you.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

October beauty haul



Hello beauties!

It seems that I’ve been losing touch with this kind of posts, but I intend to get back on track. Soon.

Last week there has been a beauty fair – with lots of gorgeous products for hair, nails and makeup and of course I could not miss it. It was a little bit disappointing that not so many interesting brands showed up but anyhow the bag didn’t come empty back home and we will have lots of products to talk about in the following period.

Nails – it’s basically he only chapter where I let my mind explore diverse possibilities. Thus I have found Golden Rose, a Turkish cosmetics brand with two rows full of nail polish. And although I have not made a NOTD post, I can share a quick opinion – their diversity is astounding in terms of texture, finish and color range: matte, glittery, nude, pop colors, neon, cracked, pearled, galaxy, zig-zag, enough just to blow you mind. So I’ve left with 2 galaxy nail polishes (one golden the other a purple that reminded me of Zoya), a classic cobalt blue, a glittery red topcoat and a classic topcoat.

At Paese  I was mesmerizes with these pearls – although I haven’t used pearls since college in my makeup routine, I thought I could try a more natural look and the shade that I’ve chose has a discreet illuminating effect perfect for a working corporate girl like me.

I have found a professional products stand, where I was lucky to find a nice diversity of Artego products and because my experience with them was so and so (you can read it here) I’ve bought a shampoo for colored hair just to give them a try once more.

Finally, much of my time was spent at Melkior booth, or should I say fair store. I like their products, they have a certain quality and whenever I find them at fairs, I always treat myself because the discounts are quite attractive, although their products are really not that expensive. So, first item on the list it was a magnetic case for individual eye colors (approximately 12 eye shadows can fit in this case), very nice and sleek and looking so professional. And because of the case, I’ve decided to buy two eyeshadows: one called Gold Metal and the other one Bronze Metal, both complementary and with a nice shimmer – I promise I will do a post where I will talk about all Melkior eye shadows that I have because they are really pretty. After that it was a pen for drawing with nail polish (I haven’t tried it yet but looks very nice).  And, coupe de grace, a creamy green concealer that appears to be very easy to blend.

Don’t worry, I have heard rumors that at the end of the month there will be a similar event with more interesting brands to come.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Morrocan Oil Repair Conditioner


Hello beauties!


Lately I’m quite focused on hair-care, and, while it is not a bad thing per se, it generally scandalizes my boyfriend in regards with all the shopping I do and how his shelf in the bathroom is slowly but steady diminishing in favor of this new products. Well, as one would say, life is not fair…

Also, I’m not fully convinced to that is good to stick with a hair product for a long time, especially if that product did not perform miracles. Not that I have any problems with my hair whatsoever, just that I have been coloring it blonde for almost a year now. So, establishing the terms, I’ve upgraded my conditioner to this one from Morrocan Oil.

One word of advice, because the brand has so much hype around it, pay attention to the fakes out there, especially if you purchase the product online.


  • claims a strengthening formula that has anti-oxidant rich argan oil, reconstructive keratin and fatty acids
  • it leaves my hair soft and manageable
  • very thick texture
  • helps de-tangle the hair in a gentle way
  • nice fragrance


  • pricey; especially considering the small bottle (250 ml)
  • of course it’s not going to make your hair look like a commercial

In terms of performance I haven’t noticed any unheard-of results better than any average mask/conditioner but that’s what marketing is all about. Nevertheless it’s a product I would recommend for you to try if you have some money to burn.

Leave a short comment describing your experience with this product if you had one.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment


Hello beauties!

I am sorry for my delayed absence due to prolonged vacation combined with a hectic first week at the office. Talk about real life blasting!

What I’ve learned about bags for holiday during this time: if you are going to the beach always pack a hair mask. In this regard, about two months ago I’ve bought this Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment for my recently colored hair. And boy, how I’ve missed this mask during my week at the beach.


  • good moisturizer – after applying it the hair remains soft
  • it has a pleasant fragrance
  • it rinses quickly
  • makes the hair extremely manageable afterward


  • the texture is not as thick as I would expect at a mask, but at a conditioner
  • I have not seen any effects in terms of extra shine

Bottom line, I would recommend this mask for you to try because like any professional treatment, it delivers a higher quality than the average drugstore product. For what it’s worth I’ve already bought a second can and just after one usage, my hair (affected by salt, sun and beach) started it’s revitalization.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)



June empties


Hello beauties!

It’s that time again: monthly empties. This month has been a lot about drugstore products that are quite accessible and some of the products on this list are a part of a conscious cleaning process I’ve been doing in my bathroom cabinet. I know I’m spending a lot of money on different beauty products but I try to keep the list of the products that I’m not actually using to a minimum. So, here’s the list


  • L’Oreal Elseve Nutri Gloss Serum – this styling serum was a lot talked about when released. As you can see the bottle is not even half empty but it has been lying around in my bathroom for a while unused. The product was too much for me, made it too oily, but for a little extra shine half a drop it was ok but apparently not enough.
  • Kallos Placenta mask – this one was actually recommended to me by my mother for my colored hair. It is a decent drugstore mask, nice texture, low on perfume but I would not get my hopes that high as for the placenta thins, as they only have wheat extract so even if they don’t have the right ingredients dosage the product will not do you any harm. Anyway, Kallos are quite popular in Romania for their cheap products, so if you want to try it , you will not be leaving your children without college funds.
  • Dr. Wolf Plantur 39 for hair over forty – this shampoo it was recommended to me by my dermatologist doctor. It is a caffeine based product meant to stimulate the circulation on the scalp that would lead to at least a decrease in the hair loss. As a shampoo is not bad, especially if you have hair that becomes oily after a short while but I think it’s too early now to talk about the anti-hair loss effects just after the first emptied bottle.


  • Balea anti cellulite shower gel with caffeine and alga extract – this shower gel I’ve been using at the gym; it comes with a brush cap that is supposed to help you massage the skin affected by cellulite. In reality it was more like a scrub and I haven’t seen any effects against my cellulite.
  • Palmer’s Massage Cream for stretch marks – as these products are quite pricey in Romania for a drugstore line, I expected the best from Palmer’s. Also, if I’m not sure what to expect from a product I always choose the travel sized packages. I was right,  as this massage cream did absolutely nothing for my two new stretch marks recently appeared on my tummy.
  • Farmec body cream with argan – as much as I love Farmec products, and as far as I was hyped about finding a body lotion with argan oil, this product experience was a so an so. Maybe because I love my body lotions to have a thick texture which was not the case and it seems that neither on the moisturizing part it wasn’t that much.


  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O – this product was so much under bloggers review that I feel unjust in doing another one. It’s good, I always come back to it, no matter what I try and it has become part of my essentials list
  • Nivea Gentle Cleaning Wiped – I’m not a big fan of the cleaning wipes as I generally think they don’t do a very good job on clearing your skin of all the dirt and products, but I do use them and generally use them when going to the gym after working hours. These cleaning wipes I would not recommend because, contrary to the package claims, to my sensitive skin were quite aggressive.
  • Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Face Wash – a very good drugstore face wash that most likely will be repurchased (review: here)


  • Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint mascara – another product that I’ve found lying around. As much as I love Too Faced products this mascara was lousy and it was probably the reason that I’ve abandoned it so easily. The mascara was too dry, zero volume and a funky wand.If this mascara is still available in the stores, with my whole heart I tell you don’t waste your money on it.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Happy June beauty haul


Hello ladies! Hope your summer started with a fun weekend.

I recently decided to turn my life around in terms of care. About 8 months ago, I quit smoking and subsequently became prone to gaining weight. A lot. A week ago I’ve decided enough is enough and bought my first mountain bike and did the first 10 miles of my healthy new life. Somehow this new attitude is reflected in my recent beauty haul.

As we age, we all need to take good care of our skin through food, exercise and beauty products. Using anti-aging products after 30’s is something I should not remind as being a must. The skin around the eyes is a very special area that needs extra attention. This is how I came to try Ivatherm’s UNA Anti-Aging eye cream with Plant stem cells. They promise a great boost in epidermal regeneration. I will come back to that thought very soon, addressing it a review.

Aging is a tough process and fighting against it sometimes it takes it toll. As my first gray hair started showing this year I was left no alternative but to color my (once pure sandy blonde) hair. In doing that, I’ve opened the Pandora box for treatments that help you keep your color vibrant and the hair texture in place. So, soon to be reviewed is this Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment for fine to normal, coloured hair.

As putting my body to extreme tasks like cycling is quite challenging, I’ve decided that a little pampering is in order and I wanted to give it a try to this Boots Mango & Papaya Body Cream. It smells exotic, looks very yummy and at least will guarantee a pleasant experience.

And where would I be without some lipstick? Yes indeed, the new product from Rimmel: Lasting Finish by Kate. This is a matte lipstick which I chose in a shade called Rossetto.

What are your newly acquired beauty products? Tell us within a short comment.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

May empties


I can’t believe we are almost done with May and summer will be officially here.

If you ask me some of the products from this month’s empties list  I’m really glad that I’m done with. So:

Makeup – it’s a short list as I have been quite lazy in this aspect, buying more than using:
Peggy Sage concealer – I never got to review this concealer and maybe it’s better I did not. The color was not a perfect match and the consistency was a little bit watery. It didn’t really conceal anything, it only gave a funky coloration to the skin. I don’t want to repeat this experience again.
Bourjois Volume Glamor Max Definition mascara – at first I liked this mascara. But then it got flacky after a couple of hours of wearing it. And after three months it got a funky smell and I refused to wear it any longer. And this mascara is also surprisingly difficult to remove. For me, it was a fail.

Face products – the list is a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly:
Galenic micellar water (review: here) – I am determined to try some more Galenic products an their micellar water remains for me one of the most effective currently on the market.
Avene Antirougeurs Jour – I’ve used this product in seeking complementary products for my rosaceea. Also was approved by my dermathologist. I’m sorry to say that it didn’t have a visible effect on my condition and as a moisturizer, this is a poor product. After finishing this, I tried Rosaliac ( not the whole product but one week sample received at the local pharmacy) but also I was not convinced by the texture and efficiency.
KIKO Purifying Mask (review: here) – if you haven’t already tried their products just go get some as they are amazingly well formulated.
Farmec Aslavital Instant Lift intense repair serum – I’m a big fan of this local cosmetics brand as they are up to their promises and this product it is no different nonetheless. Applied each evening before the night cream, it makes your fine lines go away or diminish. The effects are quite long-lasting and I would buy this again when I will get the chance.

Klorane dry shampoo (review: here) – it is without any doubt one of the best and currently my favorite.
Dove purely pampering (review: here) – I’m so glad this product is over as it was the first time in my life when I was trying to take a shower holding my breath. Literally. Instead I’ve bought a soap bar also from Dove that has been quite pleasant.
Eucerin PH5 Hand Cream – here, the travel-size version: nice hand-cream, very effective, pleasant smell. I think you should give it a try.
La Roche Posay Cicaplast (review: here) – very good cream; doe make a small difference in the scars appearance. And no, it’s not a substitute for laser.
Natura Ekos Pitanga perfume – if you travel to South America you might want to try Natura’s products, which is one of the local leading cosmetics companies. This perfume smells very exotic, very fresh and sexy and impressively long lasting.
– Other products: Tania shampoo (this is a cheap shampoo that I’ve been using in the last couple of weeks for thorough makeup brushes cleaning), polish remover (bought from Auchan, quite ok), Herbosophy intimate washing lotion,

What were your May empties?

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Another post about Batiste

3624582Hello ladies,

I do wish this post is not too boring for you but I wanted to share with you my new experience with this dry shampoo, so much loved and talked about.

Dry shampoo is now pretty much a must-have product mostly if you a) are trying to increase the time range between hair washing (like I do), b)your second day hair is limp, with no volume (me, me, me) or c) you slept too much and missed the alarm (sometimes me:))

I, personally I’m a big fan of Klorane dry shampoo (review: here) but as thew hype is still on, I was convinced to give it a try.


  • the powder is very efficient in absorbing the sebum from your hair
  • adds a visible volume to your hair
  • one can of product lasts longer that all of the dry shampoos that I’ve tried until now.


  • too much product will leave your hair somehow sticky
  • if you are in a hurry, the white residue is troublesome, as you need to distribute the powder evenly with great care

My rating: 7.5/10. I liked this dry shampoo but I was not impressed.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

MoroccanOil revelations


A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling guilty for the latest coloring treatments applied to my hair and decided to give it a little pampering.

From the large products range that MoroccanOil has, I chose the treatment for fine hair, the light version.

I know that I’m the latest to arrive in the MoroccanOil fanclub but for me it is really a revelation as my hair is quite a troublemaker: frizzy, oily, fine and blonde colored.

– light texture
– it is quickly integrated and used with caution does not build up
– helps a lot with the frizz
– doesn’t leave your hair feeling oily
– smells so good
– at first, I did not realize that buying the 200 ml bottle I would commit myself to a long term affair as this product will last at least a good couple of months

– for short fine hair, like mine, the product dosage is too much as I slightly coat my ends, as they tend to dry in time.

My rating: 9/10. To sum up: I fell in love with my hair once again as it’s texture was so smooth and silky due to this MoroccanOil treatment. My hair looks healty.

What was your experience with MoroccanOil?

Until then, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)