2015 Beauty wishlist

2015 Beauty wishlist
Hello beauties,

We rang the passage to a new year and we invested in this change a lot of hope. I wish for all of you that 2015 will fulfill all of your secret hopes.

One of my wishes is that I will save enough money to buy me all of these products from the wishlist that I’ve created and shared with you below.

  • Smashbox Double Exposure Palette announced to be launched this year as a collection of neutrals and pops of color that we all can’t wait to try.
  • Launched around Christmas, Tom Ford Lips and Boys Collection has a glorious collection of lipstick colors
  • Apparently, 2015 will be all about Tom Ford as I absolutely love Velvet Orchid EDP
  • What’s a beauty wishlist without a NARS product? NARS All Day Luminous Powder Foundation will soon be launched and available.
  • And how the look can be complete without a beautiful volume mascara like Lancome Hypnose Star 24 Hour Wear?

Let me know what is your beauty wishlist for this year?

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


Clinique beauty haul

Hello beauties,


I must confess, I have been feeling extremely naughty lately and somehow that translated into another visit at Sephora where I’ve decided to pamper myself with some Clinique products.

And this is how I’ve bought a Rinse Off Foaming Cleaning Mouse and an Age Defense Eye Cream. The big surprise about this purchase was that they gave me a present bag with a lot of samples from their Repairwear collection containing: a wrinkle correcting eye cream (Repairwear laser focus), a firming cream (Repairwear Uplifting), an anti-age serum (Repairwear laser focus) and a lipstick (the shade it’s called 17 Rosette, I’m not that happy about it but I believe I can make it work somehow). So I’m gonna talk to you soon about all of this.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

October beauty haul



Hello beauties!

It seems that I’ve been losing touch with this kind of posts, but I intend to get back on track. Soon.

Last week there has been a beauty fair – with lots of gorgeous products for hair, nails and makeup and of course I could not miss it. It was a little bit disappointing that not so many interesting brands showed up but anyhow the bag didn’t come empty back home and we will have lots of products to talk about in the following period.

Nails – it’s basically he only chapter where I let my mind explore diverse possibilities. Thus I have found Golden Rose, a Turkish cosmetics brand with two rows full of nail polish. And although I have not made a NOTD post, I can share a quick opinion – their diversity is astounding in terms of texture, finish and color range: matte, glittery, nude, pop colors, neon, cracked, pearled, galaxy, zig-zag, enough just to blow you mind. So I’ve left with 2 galaxy nail polishes (one golden the other a purple that reminded me of Zoya), a classic cobalt blue, a glittery red topcoat and a classic topcoat.

At Paese  I was mesmerizes with these pearls – although I haven’t used pearls since college in my makeup routine, I thought I could try a more natural look and the shade that I’ve chose has a discreet illuminating effect perfect for a working corporate girl like me.

I have found a professional products stand, where I was lucky to find a nice diversity of Artego products and because my experience with them was so and so (you can read it here) I’ve bought a shampoo for colored hair just to give them a try once more.

Finally, much of my time was spent at Melkior booth, or should I say fair store. I like their products, they have a certain quality and whenever I find them at fairs, I always treat myself because the discounts are quite attractive, although their products are really not that expensive. So, first item on the list it was a magnetic case for individual eye colors (approximately 12 eye shadows can fit in this case), very nice and sleek and looking so professional. And because of the case, I’ve decided to buy two eyeshadows: one called Gold Metal and the other one Bronze Metal, both complementary and with a nice shimmer – I promise I will do a post where I will talk about all Melkior eye shadows that I have because they are really pretty. After that it was a pen for drawing with nail polish (I haven’t tried it yet but looks very nice).  And, coupe de grace, a creamy green concealer that appears to be very easy to blend.

Don’t worry, I have heard rumors that at the end of the month there will be a similar event with more interesting brands to come.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips – Classic Nude


Hello beauties!

As the nude palettes craziness seems has hit us women hard and seems it won’t go anywhere, today I’m going to share with you some thoughts about this palette from Physicians Formula. This palette is part of their famos Shimmer Strips collection

I’ve been reading a lot of comparisons of this product with the Urban Decay Nakeds but I don’t see the point as this one from PF contains 9 shimmery colors meant for basically three classical smokey eyes look, demonstrated on the package ( natural, playful and dramatic).


  • packaging – the plastic case is covered with a nice black lace layer giving the whole thing a very lady-like appearance
  • nude diversity – if you love nude colors, these are indeed very pretty, in a girly style.
  • the shimmer is quite discreet, nothing gliterry
  • wet&dry application
  • blend easily
  • claims: hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben free, gluten free (excuse me?)


  • sponge applicator – is it really necessary after all this brush hype?
  • colors – when used dry you have to use quite a lot for the color to appear vibrant on your eyelid
  • duration – even with primer (a couple of days I’ve used one from Too Faced and other day I’ve used one from E.L.F.) it clumped in the creases of the eyelids after a couple of hours

Overall, I’m glad that this palette is so small and the price in the drugstore was quite low. If I would have ordered it online, considering the taxes and all, I would have been very sorry. I don’t know how these colors react if you have dry skin (probably a better overall result) but it is a nice palette to play with and very good for women that don’t need investing time in makeup.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Soon under the spotlight


Hello beauties!

I hope your summer has been great. I am sorry for my absence and scarce reviews but I’ve been away for thre weeks in Northen America. But, no worries, I came bearing gifts (this photo is a small preview) and I’ll soon come back with interesting articles.

Until then, please do wear red lipstick and sunshine in your hearts!

Happy June beauty haul


Hello ladies! Hope your summer started with a fun weekend.

I recently decided to turn my life around in terms of care. About 8 months ago, I quit smoking and subsequently became prone to gaining weight. A lot. A week ago I’ve decided enough is enough and bought my first mountain bike and did the first 10 miles of my healthy new life. Somehow this new attitude is reflected in my recent beauty haul.

As we age, we all need to take good care of our skin through food, exercise and beauty products. Using anti-aging products after 30’s is something I should not remind as being a must. The skin around the eyes is a very special area that needs extra attention. This is how I came to try Ivatherm’s UNA Anti-Aging eye cream with Plant stem cells. They promise a great boost in epidermal regeneration. I will come back to that thought very soon, addressing it a review.

Aging is a tough process and fighting against it sometimes it takes it toll. As my first gray hair started showing this year I was left no alternative but to color my (once pure sandy blonde) hair. In doing that, I’ve opened the Pandora box for treatments that help you keep your color vibrant and the hair texture in place. So, soon to be reviewed is this Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment for fine to normal, coloured hair.

As putting my body to extreme tasks like cycling is quite challenging, I’ve decided that a little pampering is in order and I wanted to give it a try to this Boots Mango & Papaya Body Cream. It smells exotic, looks very yummy and at least will guarantee a pleasant experience.

And where would I be without some lipstick? Yes indeed, the new product from Rimmel: Lasting Finish by Kate. This is a matte lipstick which I chose in a shade called Rossetto.

What are your newly acquired beauty products? Tell us within a short comment.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Makeup wishlist for the summer

Summer is around the corner and I’ve got a few things on my wishlist that will make my days more fun:
  • Benefit Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Balm – looks very yummy and I’m always short of lip balms
  • Clinique All About Shadow Nude Eye Shadow Palette – because we always are in search for the perfect neutral eye makeup. And because it got me intrigued.
  • MAC Pro Longwear Compact Foundation – it’s elegant, provides ten hours wear and perfect for touch-ups
  • Benefit Lollitint Lip&Cheek Stain – because I liked Benetint (review: here) and this new lip&cheek stain looks perfect for that summer nights and bronzed skin
  • Yves Saint Laurent Anti-Cernes Multi-Action Concealer – just because I’ve decided that the area under my eyes needs to become a priority for me and priorities need the best and has many good reviews as it does not dry your skin.
Just let me know in a few words what is in your summer wishlist?
Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Flawless



Somehow, lately all I’m talking about are face foundations in my perpetual search for a product that can last all day in the office harsh environment, it’s friendly to your skin and has just the right coverage for a natural look.

As I had a very happy experience with MaxFactor and their CC Cream (review: here), I decided to try one of their most appraised foundations: FaceFinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation and also went for the same shade (Natural 50). Although this product is not a novelty on the market, it had some characteristics that appealed to me: a promise of a right mix between a primer, a concealer and foundation and a decent SPF 20.


  • natural finish
  • no matter how much product you’l apply, it will not look heavy nor cakey
  • good medium coverage
  • lasts better on my face that other drugstore foundations (I always try all foundations with primers as base and setting powders)
  • Natural shade has been a match for my skin color
  • not so much of a fragrance


  • the product is not that easy to blend (I’ve noticed that I spend almost double the time with this foundation compared to others)
  • the result is not quite matte, so if you have oily skin maybe try some powder after putting the foundation.
  • the package: once the seal is removed, the lid never closes properly.

My rating: 8.5/10. Would I re-purchase this product again? Yes but I would love for MaxFactor to improve this product.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


Weekend beauty haul


Hello ladies!

Whenever I have a moment of not knowing state of mind (what to wear, what’s my next favorite make-up, etc) I go shopping.

This month I’ve decided that my hair needed some pampering so MorrocanOil treatment for fine hair was the next step. This is a product that I’ve wanted so bad and it is over-hyped on the Internet so when I’ve found a site with a substantial sale I could not help myself.

Chubby lipsticks are invading drugstores and hypermarkets this spring and I’ve stumbled upon an offer from Astor (approx. 3€ ) for their Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter. I could not resist this orange shade: Feeling Feline.
And because this lipstick was not as nourishing as I’ve imagined, I got this drugstore lip balm from Himalaia Herbals. It smells divine and really helps your drying and chapping lips.

I’m not much of a makeup palettes fan, but this NYX Caribbean Collection has caught my eyes with 5 gorgeous neutral shades, their best selling eye shadows. It is very pretty and I will come with a review very soon. And what’s a makeup palette without some good brushes? I’m a big Pixiwoo fan so it had to be Real Techniques. I have the Core Collection and now I’ve bought the Starter Set for eyes.

I’m a daily primer consumer and because of my skin condition I like color correct primers. Preferably silicon based as my oily skin sometimes is very difficult to work with. I’ve decided to give NYX another chance with Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer.

As you see, my budget was safe this month but I will have a lot of reviews to come back at.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Guilty pleasures


Today I am a happy person. And because I am a happy person, I felt like celebrating: went for brunch with friends, did a small walk and also bought myself a gift. Well, lately I’ve been buing a lot of gifts, but this is another story.

The package you see in the picture above it’s a Makeup Forever package with some of their so called “cult products” that includes quite a lot of goodies: a HD primer and foundation, a HD setting powder, a charcoal black eye pencil and a mascara, all in travel-like size and instructions. From all of those, my eyes have been set on the HD setting powder for a while and today as the spring day was sunny and I was high on caffeine, I said, what the heck and bought the damn thing. I will come back with a review for each product soon enough.

Until then, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)