February empties

imageHello beauties,

Are you ready for spring? Are you ready for a new stage in your existence? I propose to you a deal – try at least 5 minutes every day to practice gratitude for what you have, for the people around you and for what you are. Spring might help you do that, out with the old, in with the new.

Now, let’s see what we are leaving behind in February and what are we to keep for the future.


  • Bulgari Omnia Ametiste EDT – I wanted only to mention this fragrance as Omnia perfumes were one of my favorites (and still are) from Bulgari and I’m sorry to let this one go as I have enjoyed every scented drop. If you have not tried it maybe it’s time you should.
  • Dove Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena scent antiperspirant – when looking for a drugstore antiperspirant that will not cause you itches and irritations (see an example here) you might take this one into consideration.


  • Artego Easy Care Magic Color shampoo – because I liked Artego’s Root Lifter, a couple of months ago I’ve decided to buy this shampoo for a smart maintenance of my blonde hair. It was a little bit disappointing as I felt my hair became a little dry after using this shampoo; actually not only the hair but also the scalp and so begun a period during which I started looking for solutions against a problem I have never faced before. So this is a product I would actually not recommend and will not repurchase.
  • MoroccanOil Restorative Hair Mask – this mask is a product that I absolutely love and has saved my hair from the first moemnt. When I have bought the full size product, the merchant also send me this smaller size tube that I have emptied first. You can read the full review of the product here.


  • Nivea 3 in 1 Micelar Cleaning Water – somehow I’m sorry I did not make a full review of this product as I believe it is a decent micelar water (alongside Bioderma and L’Oreal): it is apparently a well formulated product (fragrance free, it does not irritate the skin nor cause any outbreaks and it does nor dry the skin) that can do a decent cleaning job (but I would not recommend it as a sole method of cleaning the makeup and other things that remain on your skin but to combine it with a cleansing milk or a cleaning face wash or – better – both). Overall, thumbs up.
  • Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus wrinkle correcting eye cream – this was one of the big samples I was telling you about here and I got the chance of using it over a course of two weeks (during which I’ve applied it generously, otherwise it would have lasted longer). Both sample and full sized product come in jars (which is a con); it is a rich moisturizing cream that promises a lot – it does deliver a de-puffed eye area (if your problems are not congenital), a skin more firm and faded wrinkles. If this cream will be sold in a tube I would buy it in a blink. Otherwise it was a nice try.
  • Clinique Repairwear Uplifting Firming cream -another Clinique sample, another happy try (and just that). Another rich, moisturizing product from Clinique that does an incredible job, it’s fragrance free like all of their products but also comes packed in a jar that make this a total waste of money. Such a pity.


  • KIKO Skin Tone Corrector Primer – Definitely this will be a repurchase, first occasion comes, because it is a good product at a fair price. For a full review click here.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


October beauty haul



Hello beauties!

It seems that I’ve been losing touch with this kind of posts, but I intend to get back on track. Soon.

Last week there has been a beauty fair – with lots of gorgeous products for hair, nails and makeup and of course I could not miss it. It was a little bit disappointing that not so many interesting brands showed up but anyhow the bag didn’t come empty back home and we will have lots of products to talk about in the following period.

Nails – it’s basically he only chapter where I let my mind explore diverse possibilities. Thus I have found Golden Rose, a Turkish cosmetics brand with two rows full of nail polish. And although I have not made a NOTD post, I can share a quick opinion – their diversity is astounding in terms of texture, finish and color range: matte, glittery, nude, pop colors, neon, cracked, pearled, galaxy, zig-zag, enough just to blow you mind. So I’ve left with 2 galaxy nail polishes (one golden the other a purple that reminded me of Zoya), a classic cobalt blue, a glittery red topcoat and a classic topcoat.

At Paese  I was mesmerizes with these pearls – although I haven’t used pearls since college in my makeup routine, I thought I could try a more natural look and the shade that I’ve chose has a discreet illuminating effect perfect for a working corporate girl like me.

I have found a professional products stand, where I was lucky to find a nice diversity of Artego products and because my experience with them was so and so (you can read it here) I’ve bought a shampoo for colored hair just to give them a try once more.

Finally, much of my time was spent at Melkior booth, or should I say fair store. I like their products, they have a certain quality and whenever I find them at fairs, I always treat myself because the discounts are quite attractive, although their products are really not that expensive. So, first item on the list it was a magnetic case for individual eye colors (approximately 12 eye shadows can fit in this case), very nice and sleek and looking so professional. And because of the case, I’ve decided to buy two eyeshadows: one called Gold Metal and the other one Bronze Metal, both complementary and with a nice shimmer – I promise I will do a post where I will talk about all Melkior eye shadows that I have because they are really pretty. After that it was a pen for drawing with nail polish (I haven’t tried it yet but looks very nice).  And, coupe de grace, a creamy green concealer that appears to be very easy to blend.

Don’t worry, I have heard rumors that at the end of the month there will be a similar event with more interesting brands to come.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Artego root lifter – volume and more


Because I have thin hair, I’ve always fantasized about thick, curly, long locks.

One day, I’ve found a store that sells these proffesional hair products. And I’ve decided to give them a chance by acquiring this Root Lifter from Artego.

This spray they say it’s specially designed for fine hair, adding fullnes to hair, volume, shine and extra hold.

Well, I can say that I’m impressed by the scent: sweet and clean. As for the volume, no extraordinary uplift there and the next day the hair brcomes limp. Last, the extra hold was nowhere to be found from this product.

Would I buy this product? Just for the slight fluffiness, no thank you, I stick with what I have.

My rating : 6/10.

Until then, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)