December empties and New Year’s Eve thoughts


Hello beauties,

It has been a long year and for me especially challenging. When I started this blog I just needed another project to invest my energy into and because beauty takes a lot of my energy, time and money, I just pinpointed to a beauty blog. But also my everyday life got complicated throughout the year and at times I found myself cringing in need for an extra hour so one of the important lessons I’ve started to learn through this blog was planning and time management. Also, another thing it came at my attention through this project was my natural tendency to do too much, too quickly, achieving fast results, a point taken on my 2015 objective list of “to improve”. Overall, it has been a year when I’ve learned a lot and I’m sharing a part of my lessons here, with all of you.

Now, that the introductions are done, let’s go through the December empties list and see if we have some new discoveries or not, what has failed or what has been a repurchase.


  • Bioderma Sensibio Anti-Redness – this face cream currently it’s on the top of my favorite face cream and I’ve been buying it throughout this year. You can read details about it here (full review) and here.
  • Soap&Glory Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Face Serum – I am so sorry that this product is empty so quickly; it was used night and day with abundance, I have liked the results and I will definitely repurchase it when the occasion arises; you can read the full review here.
  • Cosmetic Plant Tonic Lotion with sea-buckthorn oil and olive oil – this tonic lotion was purchased with the thought of a gentle care for my sensitive skin due to numerous positive reviews from Romanian bloggers. Well, it wasn’t so gentle for my skin as expected and overall it had to much alcohol in composition that it had a drying effect so at one point I stopped using it and now I just want to throw it away. Bottom line, it will not be a repurchase for me and my advice for you is: don’t believe everything you read, be smart and choose wisely informed.


  • Farmec Quick Dry nail spray –  this is a repurchase, you can read about it also here.
  • CARE Nail polish remover – this is a low cost own brand from Mega Image  superstores chain. Nothing special about it, but efficient.


  • Nivea cream – this is the classic Nivea cream and because it’s a classic- everybody must have used it at least once in our lifetime. Thus I did not consider it was the place for a review. I’ve used it every day for hand cream, instead of body cream or even face cream (when desperate times call for desperate measures) and it’s a winner. It is always by my side on and off and if you don’t have the same approach I recommend you to reconsider it.
  • Apidermin cream – Baby, it’s cold outside, and my skin doesn’t want to suffer. This thick cream with honey is very good for moisturizing (although it’s not for all types of skin) and always a good alternative for your usual face and body cream; you can also read about it here.


  • Batiste dry shampoo – this is the Floral&Flirty Blush dry-shampoo from Batiste. It was a little bit too floral scented for my taste but nevertheless and I’ve noticed that it was a little drying if used for the second day hair, but overall it has achieved it’s purpose like any other Batiste dry shampoo. For the classic Batiste dry shampoo, you can read the full review here. Nevertheless, I will not buy again this version of Batiste due to the fragrance, but this scent may appeal to you as a pleasant one.
  • Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment – it’s the third or forth time I’m emptying this Wella treatment, and as you have noticed, this is the kind of product that makes your money’s worth; you can read the full review here.


  • MaxFactor Miracle Touch – this creamy foundation I absolutely loved it and I’ve tried to buy it again but I haven’t been able to see it in stock at Sephora. Nevertheless I recommend it and I would buy it again without any second thought; you can read the full review here.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


October empties


Hello beauties,

So, another month has passed and the time has come to see the empties of that month with good and the bad and a lot of products apparently, most of them previously reviewed. Let’s get started:


  • Elmiplant Senses Touch shower gel – this shower gel got a lot of attention at launch this summer but I’m not sure it deserved it as I’ve been using this for a couple of months and didn’t get the feeling it was doing more than any other shower gel. So no great deal about it, I didn’t feel it deserved a separate post; average drugstore product, but you can try it in lack of inspiration.
  • Herbamedicus hand creme – this was reviewed here; bottom line: it was nice to try but I will never buy this hand cream anyway
  • Vaseline body lotion – I’ve been having this body lotion during my holiday and using it as hand cream on a general basis. Although the product is mostly a sample that was meant for maximum two uses, I’ve managed to stretch it for almost two months and I declare it to be an interesting product, interesting enough to buy it again
  • Nivea powder touch antiperspirant


  • Plantur 39 shampoo – it is not the first time I mention this kind of shampoo with caffeine (read about it here) but I’m going to let it not be re-purchased as I haven’t seen any increasing effect on my hair. But that doesn’t make it a bad shampoo, just to expensive for a non-reachable purpose.
  • Batiste dry shampoo for light & blonde hair– for the classic Batiste dry shampoo you can read the full review here. As you can see, I’ve been trying their different products for a while and I can say that this one is my favorite so far – it has the perks of the Batiste dry shampoos, the fragrance is ok, but the main advantage is the fact that the powder has a nice blonde coloration so your hair will look and feel fuller. Trust me, it’s a deal.


  • Nivea Soothing cleaning mousse – I got along just fine with this cleaning product and if I will fail to have inspiration for something new, I will probably buy this again; You can read the full review here.
  • Apivita natural serum with resveratrol and vitamin E – Considering their price I expected it to be some kind of wonder serum but apart from a nice hydration of the areas where I’ve applied it (forehead, neck, cleavage) I didn’t notice any anti-aging effect. So, bottom line, it will not be a repurchase; for the full review, click here.


  • Yves Rocher -Correction base – Not much to say but another try and fail from Yves Rocher. Somehow these products keep on failing to convince me they are worth the investment as you can find on the market cheaper products that deliver better results.
  • Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous – Here goes my first experience with creme foundations, and it was not a bad one either; you can read the full review here.
  • Maybelline Falsies Volum Express – I’m a big, big fan of Maybelline mascaras, and I’m so please to try their products every time; you can read about this one here.
  • NYX Photo Loving Primer – finally it’s empty and you can read it’s full review here.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

July empties


Hello beauties!

The time has come for that post of the month to go through all that empties accumulated in July and see what’s worth buying again or trying some more.


  • Jardin de France Brume de Fraicheur – in the midst of the summer, skin moisturizing and cleanness is a top priority. Using thermal water can definitely help and getting it at a 400 ml dosage seemed like a nice deal when I came across this nice bottle in a drugstore. To me it seemed mostly like tap water under a low pressure and in fact not even half of it it is used and shall never be used again. If you come across this brand choose Avene instead and save your money.
  • Honeymania shower gel from Body Shop (you can read my review here) – although we are two persons in this house, this shower gel was really a treat and I’ve used it accordingly. But I am always eager to try the amazing fragrances from Body Shop and be surprised.



  • Rainforest Radiance conditioner from Body Shop ( read my review of this product here) – it was a good conditioner but it didn’t wow me but I never expected them to.
  • Avon Nourishing Shampoo with nettle& burdock – I like the products from Avon Naturals Herbal gamma. Somehow, Avon reminds me about how it was like being a teenager: no money but their products made you feel so rich by diversity and accessibility. So out of sheer nostalgia sometimes I do acquire their products which reminds me why on some segments they are leaders of the market here. If you have no special expectations their products will not fail you. This shampoo is the same: does it’s job very neatly, does have a decent fragrance, does not irritate the scalp, does not improve the appearance of a brittle hair but at least the hair is clean and nice.
  • Batiste dry shampoo – (you can see the full review here) – see, it did last longer! If you haven’t tried it, maybe you should give it a go.



  • Bioderma Sensibio AR Anti-Redness care cream – this is fully part of my morning routine now as this bottle was replaced by a fresh one. In terms of moisturizing a redness prone skin undergoing treatment it is one of the best I’ve tried but you can read my full review here.
  • Ivatherm Una Anti-aging eye contour cream – as I’ve anticipated this cream was vanished before I could properly end the review for it (here). Considering this, I don’t understand why these products are charged so much as for seeing the real effects it probably takes a lot more than a bottle. Shame on you for trying to rip the consumer!



  • Yves Rocher shiny clear nail polish – I’ve been using this as top coat and actually it’s a decent one. But as the months went by and the red gamma in my nail polish stack diversified this started to become somehow dry and it was harder to apply it. I would not give a special recommendation for this product as I am not fully convinced about their quality – somehow it still feels like Yves Rocher is trying to play in the medium priced league but never got the chance to learn the game of quality yet.
  • Flormar Nail base coat hardener – it’s one of the cheap brands, their products are so and so. This base-coat has not improved the quality of my nails a bit but it has worked fine.

And yes, no makeup this month as I’ve been buying a lot of stuff lately and never got the chance to finish anything. But we’ll see what august brings for us.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Another post about Batiste

3624582Hello ladies,

I do wish this post is not too boring for you but I wanted to share with you my new experience with this dry shampoo, so much loved and talked about.

Dry shampoo is now pretty much a must-have product mostly if you a) are trying to increase the time range between hair washing (like I do), b)your second day hair is limp, with no volume (me, me, me) or c) you slept too much and missed the alarm (sometimes me:))

I, personally I’m a big fan of Klorane dry shampoo (review: here) but as thew hype is still on, I was convinced to give it a try.


  • the powder is very efficient in absorbing the sebum from your hair
  • adds a visible volume to your hair
  • one can of product lasts longer that all of the dry shampoos that I’ve tried until now.


  • too much product will leave your hair somehow sticky
  • if you are in a hurry, the white residue is troublesome, as you need to distribute the powder evenly with great care

My rating: 7.5/10. I liked this dry shampoo but I was not impressed.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)