drugstore products

Ebelin beauty blending


My dear friend gave this beauty blender to me as a small gift for spring beginning. As you can guess, me and my friend are two minds alike, very much obssesed about beauty and makeup, always exchanging opinions and novelties. So she knew me as for the real blending&contouring freak that I am and gave me this blender from Evelin.

I do not have any missconceptions about brands and price and I am always opened in trying something new. I have always found cheap drugstore products that have amazing results and high end brands that do not fully deliver. So I was not fully surprised that after the RealTechniques beauty blender madness a lot of dupes showed up on the market but until now I never really found a sound motivaton for trying this kind of product.

– very natural shape
– intuitive usage
– easy to clean
– when countoring, it blends the products easy and gives a very soft air-brushed result

– using it with liquid foundation, it uses too much of the product

My skin condition, although it gets better, does not allow me to wear a light foundation so I did not test foundation application with a wet blender.

I could not say that this method for applying foundation and contouring bronzer is better than other, but it is fun nevertheless.

Overall, this beauty blender is a good product and the concept is fantastic but I wouldn’t say using it prevails versus using makeup brushes.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


The ELF purchases


I’m sure I’m not the only one acting obsessive -compulsive when it comes to make-up. To eliminate this need and not to leave my pockets empty, I usually find myself ordering from Eyes Lips Face.

So, a couple of days ago I did just that. Among the things I just “needed to have” were two eyeliners (one brown and another one with glitter), an angled brush for eyeliner and a high definition setting powder. For my purchases, they gave me an eyelid primer.

As for their quality, I’ve had eyeliners from ELF and let me tell you that they are paying their money’s worth although the brown one seems a little bit too watery.

The brush is just a purchase in the spur of the moment, it’s not exactly what I want from an eyeliner brush -doesn’t look very steady and well build – but for some make-up looks I guess it will do.

I’ve bought the setting powder after reading a lot of positive reviews on the net about it. What always bugs me about ELF products is the packages size: I mean for 5 € what I’ve paid on thid powder the case is sooo tinny. Well, that means a review about this product will soon come.

The primer as I’ve said, it was a bonus from their side. I’ve previously used this kind of primer, but I’m not generally happy about it. For my oily skin I don’t see it makes much of a difference in terms of all day long make-up but from people with dry skin I’ve also heard positive reviews. I guess you have to try this one for yourself.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)