MaxFactor Miracle Touch


Hello beauties!

Since I’ve been back from my August holiday the first thing I did was a shopping session in search for a foundation one tone darker that my usual one. So this is how I found MaxFactor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation (in Blushing Beige 55 shade). And how ironic is that my previous foundation was also from MaxFactor (you can see it here). Apparently I’ve become hooked on their products. The main difference with this Miracle Touch is that is closer to a creamy foundation and it comes in a pot with an application sponge (which is not bad, by the way, if you are in a hurry and don’t want to mess your hands and there’s no brush handy).


  • texture: in between cream and liquid foundation
  • dewy &silky finish
  • medium coverage
  • buildable
  • quite resistant – no cracks, no melting down, it can resist successfully during an 8 hours working day
  • no oxidation signs noticed or any breakouts caused by the product


  • I expected a lot more product in such a large pot; apparently 11,5g is not that much
  • very low color diversity at the stand
  • no SPF
  • the package does not have the ingredients written on it

Overall, I’m impressed by this foundation and the quality that MaxFactor has started to deliver in it’s products. And since it’s Autumn it would be a nice alternative for your daily foundation.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous


Hello beauties!

A word of warning: I’m a very picky person when it comes to foundation and I consider summertime to be the ultimate test for these products. As I’ve started my preparations for my holiday I’ve been going through my stash for the one that will be exclusively used for three weeks in a row. This is how I was reminded about this cream foundation from Benefit and decided to share my thoughts with you.

– nice light coverage build able to a medium one
– easy to apply and blend
– doesn’t feel heavy on the skin
-very cute packaging

– texture somehow oily
– somehow cakey finish
– it doesn’t last long, even with setting powder
– shade range is quite limited

I generally love Benefit products, but if my skin wasn’t so picky or I would have been in my early 20’s probably this product would have been lovely to have and use but this cream foundation is not suitable for me.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Makeup Forever HD Foundation


Hello beauties!

After buying this product, I wanted to try it right away. This foundation was appraised as one of the best from the top best foundations. In fact when makeup artists rave about this product over and over you tend to believe them and somehow you are tempted to give a product more chances than it actually deserves.

It didn’t wow me. In fact, the first time I’ve used it I was so horrified about the results (a dark running foundation film on my skin that looked like a bad joke) that I refused to use it for a while and it remained forgotten somewhere in the drawer and the makeup artists remained with their 17 years old models with flawless faces to apply makeup on. Because, not like us, they get it for free.

Generally, I’m a person with a high degree in perseverance. At some point I felt ashamed  for spending a lot of money on a product that I was never going to use. An started my trial and error process: with my fingers – not working; with the dry sponge – not working; with wet egg-shaped sponge – nor working; with the foundation brush – not working; with the buffing brush – not working; with the stippling brush – working.

Wait, what? Yes, it is the dark little secret of this product and my post-trial search on the Internet confirmed my observations: a nice a la carte manual stippling made the foundation absorbed by the skin and the result can be a medium coverage with smooth looking skin and a little bit sheer. I’m still not impressed by this foundation, as I think it requires the double amount of work for applying it than a normal one and the soft focus result is not that soft focus. Nevertheless, the product lasts all day long on the face without any crack and I didn’t notice my oily areas become oily throughout the day.

I will not rate this product, as I believe this product looks good on a skin without any problem or fine line, but for the average mature women, I would not recommend it as the hype for this foundation comes true only for a niche of the consumers.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Stay Matte Rimmel Poder



Summer is almost here and if you have oily or mixed skin like me you know what that does to the makeup if the matter isn’t properly taken care of. One of the secret weapons in this game is the use of powder. I like pressed powders more than their loose versions as I find it more fun to work with.

A while ago, I was sharing my thoughts on a mattifying powder from Paese (review: here) that has been my ally for a while. But since this powder was a little bit too heavy to use throughout the day, 7 days a week, I’ve decided I need another pressed powder.

This Rimmel Stay Matte powder claims up to 5 hours of mattiffying power. Many beauty gurus praise this product as a dupe for MAC or as a standalone new cult product. I purchased the color 005 Sandy Beige.


  • smooth texture
  • easily blended
  • good enough for setting
  • natural coverage


  • no extra coverage if you are using it after liquid foundation and no coverage at all if you are using it as a standalone product.
  • only 7 shades and from where I’ve bought this product, not all of them were available

My rating:7.5/10.

Until now I’m impressed by this product as it had been a decent acquisition: quite effective and cheap so I would recommend it for you just to give it a try if you haven’t done it yet.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Handbag heroes


If you are a regular on this blog, it’s no secret that I’m a person that suffers from a tight schedule everyday. If not, be warned that I might refer to this constantly. This is the main reason that my posts have been quite chaotic lately and what inspired me in the first place to share this to you, my dears. Handbag-wise, I’m a walking disaster as I always feel the need to pack everything as to prevent an unknown cataclysm that would allegedly keep me from fixing my makeup . If someone told you that reaching your 30’s will solve most of your college problems, forget that.

Let’s start with non-beauty basics first. I always (no matter of the bag size) carry with me a a hairbrush (as you can see, I have one from Sephora bought ages ago, in form of a compact case that also has mirror) , a dental floss (currently dragging around is one bought from DM, not much to say than it does what’s supposed to do) and cleaning tissues for glasses (whatever comes handy at the supermarket). Gum, hairbands or clips and different emergency pills come without saying.

The leader hero of the bag is the hand cream – currently using the Nivea HandCream Anti Age Q10, travel size. It’s a decent hand cream, smells quite nicely and makes me feel pampered.  For other kind of toiletries I always have a handful of samples (that you generally receive in magazines or in beauty stores and stay forgotten in the bathroom) with me of diverse products that come handy when I did not expect  (perfume, hand cream, liquid foundation, anti-mosquito lotion). Don’t get me wrong, I always carry a bottle of perfume with me, like this nice lily and gardenia spray perfume from Avon that currently is with me all the time, but I like variety and just to be sure I have enough, I’ve recently added the Lush solid perfume (review: here).

Makeup review I keep minimal, as either I’m wearing full makeup throughout the day or I’m not wearing anything. So the only real makeup product that I could die without is lipstick. And I cannot get enough of it as I carry around at least three. And as you can see, currently I’m over that limit: a nude lip gloss from Soap & Glory, chubby sticks from Astor and Bourjois, a classic pink lipstick from ELF and a nice orange Colortrend from Avon. In case my makeup starts running around from excessive oil, I have the Tea Trea Blotting Tissues from Body shop that help me solve that problem.

What do you know, there aren’t so many products as I thought, all the essentials are there, just in case ;).

What about you? What treasures does your handbag hold?

Until  next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Flawless



Somehow, lately all I’m talking about are face foundations in my perpetual search for a product that can last all day in the office harsh environment, it’s friendly to your skin and has just the right coverage for a natural look.

As I had a very happy experience with MaxFactor and their CC Cream (review: here), I decided to try one of their most appraised foundations: FaceFinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation and also went for the same shade (Natural 50). Although this product is not a novelty on the market, it had some characteristics that appealed to me: a promise of a right mix between a primer, a concealer and foundation and a decent SPF 20.


  • natural finish
  • no matter how much product you’l apply, it will not look heavy nor cakey
  • good medium coverage
  • lasts better on my face that other drugstore foundations (I always try all foundations with primers as base and setting powders)
  • Natural shade has been a match for my skin color
  • not so much of a fragrance


  • the product is not that easy to blend (I’ve noticed that I spend almost double the time with this foundation compared to others)
  • the result is not quite matte, so if you have oily skin maybe try some powder after putting the foundation.
  • the package: once the seal is removed, the lid never closes properly.

My rating: 8.5/10. Would I re-purchase this product again? Yes but I would love for MaxFactor to improve this product.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


Toleriane Teint


This is a very personal post for me. As a person diagnosed with an untreatable condition, rosacea, every makeup choice is for me a challenge: to be skin friendly, to have enough coverage and to be workable enough not losing the natural look. Also mastering foundations is one of those first steps in any complete makeup routine.

La Roche Posay is usually one of the brands that have very good products for skin problems, including this condition. Toleriane Teint Ultra Workable Fluid Corrective Foundation was recommended to me as a good foundation so I said let’s give it a try.

I am aware that this product has been widely reviewed until now but I wanted to see how this product works on long term.

– medium to full coverage with high SPF (25)
– lasts flawlessly all day long on your face
– designed for people with sensitive and allergenic skin
– you only need one little drop for your whole face for full coverage
-semi matte

– be careful around those fine lines because it can make them look worse
– there aren’t a lot of tones to chose from.
– you need to apply it with a sponge for a more natural look

I would not say I’m displeased with this product but I think that in this price range there are other medium to full coverage foundations that can perfom better on a sensitive skin. Also, during breakouts, I would not advise you to use this product as it dries your skin a little bit too much for my taste.

My rating: 7/10

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

March empties




Hey, lovely laddies!

Last week, I had an awful cold that kept me in bed quite a long time. Now, I’m back, full of energy for the lovely spring unfolding outside.


Empty products in March:

  • Body Shop Noix de Cocoa Beurre Corporel – I love these moisturizers: they are rich, full of delicious scents, leaving your skin of so happy, smooth, silky and glowing. Besides, what’s not to love about a body butter that has no sulfates, phthalates,  GMOs, or triclosan. The packaging is not so great, as I would have loved to have this product in a bottle with a pump, but given the consistency of the product and how great it is absorbed into the skin, I say it’s a minor one.
  • E.L.F. Mineral Foundation – this was not a favorite product: it did not have coverage, it was kindda cakey looking, the pot was quite small for the price paid for it. I generally used it as setting powder, but the product did not last very long on my face. The good side: it had SPF 15.  At the end, the product was sticking on the walls of the pot and it was annoying for me to use it until the last drop.
  • Essence I Love Extreme Mascara – I’ve bought this mascara as I’ve read numerous good reviews about it on Internet. Remember the saying: don’t believe everything you hear, right? It was one of the worst products ever: the wand had too much product, it clumped my lashes, and until the end of the day it was faking. After a couple of months since it was bought, the product came with a funny smell, so I’ve decided it was the end of it.
  • Farmec nail polish – as you all know by now, I love this brand. For beauty on budget, this is heaven. This nail polish is shade 351, a deep and rich red. It looks very good on nails, is ultra-resistant, and it’s easy to apply& remove.
  • Dove Essential Nourishment Hand Cream – unfortunately I forgot to keep this one product for the monthly photo. But, I can say that this is one of the best drugstore hand creams that I’ve tried. Very discreet scent, leaves skin moisturize and has good price, of course. What more do you want from this kind of product?
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Signiorina EDP – I loved this perfume for the times I wanted to feel very lady-like, with notes of pepper, jasmine, pink peony, rose, musk, patchouli and pannacotta. It was sweet but in the same time, pleasing and not an overwhelming scent. I would definitely buy this again.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

February Favorites

You could say that February was definitely a month for beauty 101 as I finally bought myself the Core Collection. I mean, it’s never too late, is it? As a result, I have concentrated my efforts into makeup.


 This is the month when I discovered this wonderful powder blush from NYX Cosmetics (Peach shade). Generally, I am not a big fan of blushes due to my complexion (fair skin, naturally dark blond hair, with a little too rosy cheeks you’ve got a Heidi wanna be). But the main advantage of this blush is that it has a soft pigment that makes it very discreet on your face when you blend it well. Downside: it’s a slightly powdery.


For mascara, I have finally come to the conclusion that Maybelline kicks asses! Currently I am using One by One Volum Express. This is my third kind of mascara from Maybelline that I am trying and  it has it all: the right dosage, one of the best brushes, natural look and for a drugstore product they are great.


L’Oreal Accord Parfait liquid foundation has been my “partner in crime” for two months now. Although my skin is very fine for a 32 years old person, occasionally I have problems with blemishes. This foundation has a very natural color, it covers so well and it’s perfectly adapted for oily skin types. Cons: not as resistant on your face as I read on so many blogs. Oh, well, for a product that I;ve bought in the spur of the moment, it was a very wise choice.


Last but not least, Honeymania shower gel is a recent acquisition from Body Shop. I am a big fan of honey based products. This one has a rich heathen flavor that reminds me of wildflowers and musk. The skin remains soft with a discreet happiness scent.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)