Micellar Water

Elmiplant Micelar Water


Recently launched on Romanian market, this micellar water with cotton extract promises a lot. And a lot of bloggers decided to praise it as the perfect finding. As I was in that state of mind where I keep telling myself I should step out of my comfort zone and try diversity, I decided to give it a try.


  • it delivers a decent cleaning job
  • I had no problems in terms of irritated skin
  • it is paraben free, coloring free and paraffin free


  • the perfume – too intense, to overcoming
  • it has a tendency to dry the skin
  • although the product says it’s designed for sensitive skin, and I haven’t noticed any redness, my skin doesn’t feel quite right, it feels sore, like it has been scrubbed

My rating: 6/10. Honestly, I don’t understand how one can review this product as being a good one because I don’t think I will buy this product again, the con’s weight too much for this product to stay appealing to me.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


April empties


Hello, beauties!

April has been a busy month for me with a lot of products that I’m gonna say good bye to. Some of them I’m going to repurchase some of them were a total waste of my money. So out with the old:

Face &Body

Yves Rocher Beaute des Mains. Hand care is very important to me, although hands are most of the times left out from beauty routines (in terms of moisturizing or applying sun screen). After I wash my hands, every time, with no exception, I will use a hand cream. This is why I have a hand cream everywhere: in my purse, in my bathroom, in every other drawer, in the car, in my boyfriend’s car:) and so on. This hand cream from Yves Rocher has helped me through the office winter and the best thing I can say about it, oh, that perfume. Well, that’s an irritant, I know. You know what else? Alcohol and sodium hydroxide. Overall it was an ok hand cream, but not very gentle with the skin.

After this month I’m going to skip the Effaclar Micellar Water (review). it has been a very nice thermal water for my oily sensitive skin, I’ve almost forgot I have problems, but out of all the micellar waters that I’ve tried, I believe this one from La Roche Posay does the weakest job in the cleaning department. This is why I’ve always used it with Nivea  Eye make-up remover (review).

Floritene Serum Face Lift – I’ve found this product recently in my search for effective anti-age products as it contains hyaluronic acid and AHA. All I can say is that I saw the results immediately,  but, although I did not feel any side effect, I’ve noticed that this serum contained a lot of irritating agents.

As long as we are talking about Nivea, it’s their antiperspirant that is emptied this month, the Invisible for Black&White. Not much to say, other than it delivers. Also I’m a big fan of their lip butters – the last one being Pure&Natural Olive&Lemon Lip Care. Funky fresh smell, extra green color but it helped my lips stay soft and moisturized on a daily basis.


Another product from Yves Rocher that I’m going to renounce to is Peau Parfaite BB Cream. All I can say about it is good riddance, you’ve wasted my money and my skin.It is not actually empty but I could not use it no more. First, it was the smell – like old’s people medicine cabinet. Then, the coverage, close to non-existent which on my skin is a VIP ticket to disaster and the SPF (what? who? I don’t understand). Overall I felt with a paint application on my face, but the paint wasn’t blended that well.

E.L.F. Mineral Infused Face Primer  – I was sad when this ran out, because I can say this is the most re-purchased product from E.L.F. because I use primers as part of my everyday makeup due to my oily sensitive skin. It has been a fiend in need, decent product, does not perform miracles but I think it stands the endurance test for a lot of events. It is not the same thing I can say about E.L.F. Eyelid Primer that generally speaking hasn’t help me much, eye shadows creasing and caking at their own free will.

Given the fact that I use lipstick every day, if I would have to choose my top 3 lip glosses this Sexy Motherpucker Lip Plumping Gloss from Soap &Glory would be in it as one of my va va voom secrets. The gloss here is What a Melon, it was a soft glittery pink with a nice tingling sensation on my lips and a non-sticky formula (as non-sticky it can be for a lip gloss). And yes, your lips get bigger; and if not, they are prettier.

I’ve bought this NYX HD Photogenic Concealer  because it was recommended to me by people that sell this product here as a primer. It is not a primer, it’s a concealer, helloo! I’ve bought it in green for my redness problem, but nevertheless it did’t cover very well. I found out it didn’t blend very well either and it was quite drying.

Maybelline One by One Volume Express – this mascara I really, really loved (review). I am sorry to be parted and I truly hope that until I will buy this product again, they will keep it in their list.

Essence Bronzing Star I’ve had it for a while now but now we must part, as I dropped it on the floor and it is in an irrecoverable mess. It had a nice color and pigmentation, it was very easily blended, doesn’t have any shimmer but it didn’t last that long on your face.

That’s all for April empties.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Galenic micellar cleansing water


When it comes to skincare I just love French products. So when an opportunity comes to buy such products, I never give it a second thought.

Such opportunity came with Galenic and their micellar water. Let me say it in French, because it sounds so much better: Pur, a l’eau florale de melilot – Eau demaquillante micellaire, visage et yeux. Teste sous controle dermatologique. Indeed.

For a couple of years I’ve been faithful to the much appraised Bioderma for sensitive skin, but recently I’ve started snooping around in search for the perfect balance: no fragrance – 100% makeup removal powers. Well, you cannot have it all (sob).

They say:

Galenic has created the first makeup remover care derived from water distilled from Melilot, an extract of the flowery tips of Melilot. Thanks to this pure active and unique agent with fundamental properties on the cutaneous microcirculation, Pur revives the vital functions of the skin
It purfies and eliminates makeup, impureties and dead cells.
It stimulated the cutaneous microcirculation
It promotve a better cellular oxydation.
Free of its toxins, shining with health, the skin is perfectly clean, fresh and toned.

Efficacy: Fresh-feeling skin: 97%, Clear skin: 93%

I say:

Mais oui, wow!

When I first used it I could not understand two things: why it takes the double or sometimes triple amount of cotton pads to finish a thorough makeup removal and where is that flower smell coming from an hour after I’ve finished this process.  Then it hit me: could it be that this product it’s actually more effective in terms of delivering your skin a squeaky clean sensation? Could this be the Graal of micellar water that we’ve all searched for?  Sadly no, because of (at least) two little buggers in the ingredients list that everybody knows now to read it: alcohol and perfume. Merde. Say what?

Sadly, I will not repurchase this product, as much as my heard is full of French sadness.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)