Paese triple hyaluronic acid


Hello beauties,

I have been dealing with Rosacea and sensitive skin for a couple of years now and I’m always looking for new alternative treatments. A couple of months I have bought this hyaluronic acid based serum from Paese keeping in mind that sometimes winters can be very harsh with my face and an extra help would be needed.

Hyaluronic acid is more more effective as an injectable treatment but if you want a non-invasive approach, you have the serums that can greatly be of help for skin moisturizing and also preventing small wrinkles.

This is not my first experience with hyaluronic acid serums, but in the past, the products I’ve tried didn’t work so well.

– reducing existing wrinkles – I have been using this serum mainly in the evening, before applying a rich moisturizing cream and indeed some of the wrinkles seem to be reduced.
– smart package – the serum comes in a transparent bottle with a pump that makes the product so easy to use

– it really didn’t help my Rosacea
– sometimes, after applying the serum. my skin felt quite tight.
– the package is full of marketing mumbo jumbo – they say the product is paraben free and has three (!) types of molecular (!) hyaluronic acid which, for the average consumer is just a big bogus.

Overall, the results are not wowing me, I haven’t noticed an increased moisturizing effect but my skin seemed more plump so Paese can be a starting point in your experience with hyaluronic acid serums as the price is quite fair.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


Paese Powder Pearls

Pudra Paese Powder Pearls Golden Brown



Hello beauties,

It seems like Christmas this year will not bring a lot of snow but a sunny warm weather. And with sunny weather hopefully comes a natural ski tan for those of you that spend this holidays in the mountains.

Because not long ago I’ve mentioned buying the Paese powder pearls (you can read it here) in a nostalgia gesture, I believe this product it’s perfect for a natural makeup look during this period. These pearls are supposed to provide a sheer natural bronze color and also perfectly highlight an existing tan.

While the actual pearl powder is used by Asian women in different beauty techniques (you can read an interesting article here), the powder from Paese is strictly to be used as makeup. Among the 3 shades available at the counter, I have chosen the lightest one, called Natural, actually a combination of soft pink withe and gold.

The package is nothing much – a plastic case with a black cover, a transparent body and a stopper that keeps the pearls from spreading.

The technique for using this powder is taking a soft powder brush and sweep it gently over the pearls and apply it over the areas of your face and body that you want to highlight. The powder will give my cheeks a lovely discrete (and I emphasize the word) glow as I currently have no tan to emphasize.  Also, because it has a subtle effect, it may well be used as setting powder.

I’m aware that not everybody can be a fan of the powder pearls as their mute effect require a skin in almost perfect condition for that wow effect and why pay those money for that much subtlety when you can always get The Balm? Nevertheless, for better and worse, these powder pearls were not a bad investment especially as I am considering ways for a more natural&youthful look for everyday wear. How about you, would you consider using this kind of product? Leave a short comment below about your experience.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

October beauty haul



Hello beauties!

It seems that I’ve been losing touch with this kind of posts, but I intend to get back on track. Soon.

Last week there has been a beauty fair – with lots of gorgeous products for hair, nails and makeup and of course I could not miss it. It was a little bit disappointing that not so many interesting brands showed up but anyhow the bag didn’t come empty back home and we will have lots of products to talk about in the following period.

Nails – it’s basically he only chapter where I let my mind explore diverse possibilities. Thus I have found Golden Rose, a Turkish cosmetics brand with two rows full of nail polish. And although I have not made a NOTD post, I can share a quick opinion – their diversity is astounding in terms of texture, finish and color range: matte, glittery, nude, pop colors, neon, cracked, pearled, galaxy, zig-zag, enough just to blow you mind. So I’ve left with 2 galaxy nail polishes (one golden the other a purple that reminded me of Zoya), a classic cobalt blue, a glittery red topcoat and a classic topcoat.

At Paese  I was mesmerizes with these pearls – although I haven’t used pearls since college in my makeup routine, I thought I could try a more natural look and the shade that I’ve chose has a discreet illuminating effect perfect for a working corporate girl like me.

I have found a professional products stand, where I was lucky to find a nice diversity of Artego products and because my experience with them was so and so (you can read it here) I’ve bought a shampoo for colored hair just to give them a try once more.

Finally, much of my time was spent at Melkior booth, or should I say fair store. I like their products, they have a certain quality and whenever I find them at fairs, I always treat myself because the discounts are quite attractive, although their products are really not that expensive. So, first item on the list it was a magnetic case for individual eye colors (approximately 12 eye shadows can fit in this case), very nice and sleek and looking so professional. And because of the case, I’ve decided to buy two eyeshadows: one called Gold Metal and the other one Bronze Metal, both complementary and with a nice shimmer – I promise I will do a post where I will talk about all Melkior eye shadows that I have because they are really pretty. After that it was a pen for drawing with nail polish (I haven’t tried it yet but looks very nice).  And, coupe de grace, a creamy green concealer that appears to be very easy to blend.

Don’t worry, I have heard rumors that at the end of the month there will be a similar event with more interesting brands to come.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Stay Matte Rimmel Poder



Summer is almost here and if you have oily or mixed skin like me you know what that does to the makeup if the matter isn’t properly taken care of. One of the secret weapons in this game is the use of powder. I like pressed powders more than their loose versions as I find it more fun to work with.

A while ago, I was sharing my thoughts on a mattifying powder from Paese (review: here) that has been my ally for a while. But since this powder was a little bit too heavy to use throughout the day, 7 days a week, I’ve decided I need another pressed powder.

This Rimmel Stay Matte powder claims up to 5 hours of mattiffying power. Many beauty gurus praise this product as a dupe for MAC or as a standalone new cult product. I purchased the color 005 Sandy Beige.


  • smooth texture
  • easily blended
  • good enough for setting
  • natural coverage


  • no extra coverage if you are using it after liquid foundation and no coverage at all if you are using it as a standalone product.
  • only 7 shades and from where I’ve bought this product, not all of them were available

My rating:7.5/10.

Until now I’m impressed by this product as it had been a decent acquisition: quite effective and cheap so I would recommend it for you just to give it a try if you haven’t done it yet.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

PAESE Mattifying Powder


One of my recent makeup discoveries is PAESE, a Polish cosmetics brand that I really do not know much about. But what I’ve tried from their products had good quality it was a good return on my investment, as this products came here on a medium – high price range.

For my face I chose this fragrance free mattifying powder with argan oil for normal and oily skin, with UVA and UVB filters. You can use this kind of powder on you entire face or only on the areas that require special attention (like eyelids or the T zone). It can be used on a daily basis but due to the high mattifying properties I would recommend moderation with that.

The product comes in a sleek black plastic case, equipped with a mirror and an application sponge, well adapted for keeping it in a drawer, a travel bag or with you, in your purse.

Pay attention: I came across some opinions that this brand is making organic cosmetics; far from reality, as one might mix lack of parabens and the use of natural oils with organic. But we will tackle this subject in the near future.


-good powder for mattifying and setting make-up

– medium to full coverage

-pleasant texture

-easy to apply, although I would recommend using a brush instead of the sponge they provide, as that takes too much product



– doesn’t last very long

-not too many shades to chose from (I was lucky as my shade no.4 is quite close to my summer skin)


Although I confess that Paese brand does not say much to me in terms of storytelling and inspiration, this product is a good one and I would recommend that at least you give it a try if you have the chance.

My rating: 8/10.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)