Two shades of obsession

imageHello beauties,

Valentines Day is long gone and so is the excitement of Fifty shades of Grey (both the movie and the book) but both aspects have raised a legit question in my mind: over the last two months I’ve been stuck in my own obsession, this time regarding lipsticks – am I so comfortable in my circle of trust made of red and fuchsia?

Times teaches that you don’t have to know it all and mastering makeup does not necessarily end with the perfect smokey eye or a la carte Kardashian contouring. It’s the chic element that comes into play, a natural luminous makeup and a perfect applied lipstick and lipliner, all of it to soften the cold outside and to make things easy-going.

  • Red – I’ve been using a red lipgloss from Essence, XXXL Longlasting, a matt effect lipgloss in shade 07 Silky Red. It’s a bright red, intensely pigmented product that doesn’t look really dry on the lipsticks. Because it has the tendency to fade after three or four hours (which involve some drinking, eating and other cultural activities) I’ve been hooking this product with Rimmel Lasting Finish lip contouring pencil in shade 021 Red Dynamite which is somehow dry and increases the duration of the lipstick on the lips. The overall effect leads to somehow a pin-up makeup look.
  • Fuchsia – It is my go-to color and somehow it became my trademark over the years. recently I’ve bought the amazing Aqua Lip from Make Up For Ever in shade 16C, a genius product in my favorite color. This is a creamy non-transferable lipliner, easy to apply long lasting and fairly pigmented that can be used standalone or as an outline for lipsticks. If used alone, the effect is somehow drying over the hours but you can tap a little gloss from time to time to increase lip hydration. For a softer effect I’ve been applying the pencil all over my lips being careful at the outlining and afterward applying the Bourjois Color Boost chubby stick (read more about it here) for a lustrous effect.

Everything, from newspapers to Internet tell us that we should feel like stars (probably just to sell us a product or two). And maybe it’s time we did.

By the way, happy b-day to all of us as this blog has been online for 1 year now thanks to all of yoy, my dear and beautiful readers outthere.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


Corporate favorites – minimal look for a day at the office


Hello beauties,

2015 has started quickly. Against all trends, I refuse to make the new year’s objectives list as it is far from me the discipline of following such directions. Priorities change as our lives change with a faster pace than we have ever seen, and what we consider mundane is swifted accordingly.

These being said, my first week started in a high speed. And for a corporate girl like me some mornings only need a quick fix so I’m sharing my products of choice list with you for a 10 minute makeup look with a minimal effort.

After moisturizing my face and applying a primer, I reach either for the CC cream either for a foundation that doesn’t need much of blending – this would be MaxFactor Facefinity All Day Flawless foundation (you can read the full review here). For the eyelids I would use a nude matte shadow in a neutral color like the mono from NYX (Blame It On Midnight). Instead of eyeliner, I would use a bronze or brown pencil (like this chocolate brown from Bourjois) and if I want a more dramatic effect (like for a day to night transition look) I will use a black pencil along the (upper) waterline like the waterproof black kohl from Flormar.

For highlighting I would use the lovely mosaic powder from Melkior (for a full review, click here) but also for a discreet and matte effect I use a white pencil (this one is from Avon, Color Trend collection – which I might recommend for you as it has a fair ratio of price – quality). To add a little colour in the cheeks I always go for NARS Orgasm, my all times favorite blush – I really love the pink golden effect this product has.

The final stroke will come with a touch of mascara – I am currently using this one from Rimmel Scandaleyes (you can read the full review here) but as this is not the best money can buy, any mascara for volume that you have will do and with this I am ready for another day at the office.

What about you, what products do you choose when you are in a hurry? Leave a small comment with your 10 minutes makeup of choice.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick Kate Moss Collection


When talking about makeup, rain or shine, I learned that any look is not complete without a proper lipstick. I can spend days without wearing a complete makeup but I cannot go a day without lipstick. And, divulging a secret, lipstick for me is what shoes are for other women, my guilty pleasure, the product that will ultimately comfort me and make me feel good, the product that will be always on my secret shopping list.\

Rimmel London has had a successful collection with Kate Moss. And because I wanted to try a matte lipstick for so long, I chose it to be from Rimmel. I’ve been using the Rosetto shade for about a month now (a creamy luxurious intense dark pink), and truly is my “weapon of choice”, so to speak.


  • this lipstick is incredibly pigmented
  • the color would complement a lot of skin tones, especially the light ones
  • has a decent lasting time
  • due to the highly intense color, I would recommend using it with a lip contour but for this specific shade I haven’t been in luck of finding a proper match.


  • it has a tendency to slightly dry on the lips
  • the thickness of the product makes it quite heavy on the lips

My rating: 7.5/10. I am so in love with the color that I’ve bought and even though I’m not that excited about the product itself, I would definitly want this color permanently in my lipstick collection.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Happy June beauty haul


Hello ladies! Hope your summer started with a fun weekend.

I recently decided to turn my life around in terms of care. About 8 months ago, I quit smoking and subsequently became prone to gaining weight. A lot. A week ago I’ve decided enough is enough and bought my first mountain bike and did the first 10 miles of my healthy new life. Somehow this new attitude is reflected in my recent beauty haul.

As we age, we all need to take good care of our skin through food, exercise and beauty products. Using anti-aging products after 30’s is something I should not remind as being a must. The skin around the eyes is a very special area that needs extra attention. This is how I came to try Ivatherm’s UNA Anti-Aging eye cream with Plant stem cells. They promise a great boost in epidermal regeneration. I will come back to that thought very soon, addressing it a review.

Aging is a tough process and fighting against it sometimes it takes it toll. As my first gray hair started showing this year I was left no alternative but to color my (once pure sandy blonde) hair. In doing that, I’ve opened the Pandora box for treatments that help you keep your color vibrant and the hair texture in place. So, soon to be reviewed is this Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment for fine to normal, coloured hair.

As putting my body to extreme tasks like cycling is quite challenging, I’ve decided that a little pampering is in order and I wanted to give it a try to this Boots Mango & Papaya Body Cream. It smells exotic, looks very yummy and at least will guarantee a pleasant experience.

And where would I be without some lipstick? Yes indeed, the new product from Rimmel: Lasting Finish by Kate. This is a matte lipstick which I chose in a shade called Rossetto.

What are your newly acquired beauty products? Tell us within a short comment.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Stay Matte Rimmel Poder



Summer is almost here and if you have oily or mixed skin like me you know what that does to the makeup if the matter isn’t properly taken care of. One of the secret weapons in this game is the use of powder. I like pressed powders more than their loose versions as I find it more fun to work with.

A while ago, I was sharing my thoughts on a mattifying powder from Paese (review: here) that has been my ally for a while. But since this powder was a little bit too heavy to use throughout the day, 7 days a week, I’ve decided I need another pressed powder.

This Rimmel Stay Matte powder claims up to 5 hours of mattiffying power. Many beauty gurus praise this product as a dupe for MAC or as a standalone new cult product. I purchased the color 005 Sandy Beige.


  • smooth texture
  • easily blended
  • good enough for setting
  • natural coverage


  • no extra coverage if you are using it after liquid foundation and no coverage at all if you are using it as a standalone product.
  • only 7 shades and from where I’ve bought this product, not all of them were available

My rating:7.5/10.

Until now I’m impressed by this product as it had been a decent acquisition: quite effective and cheap so I would recommend it for you just to give it a try if you haven’t done it yet.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)




I consider mascara as one of the top products in my make-up routine. I can go without a lot of things, but if I get stranded on a dessert island, there are 100% chances of a mascara in my pocket as part of my survivor kit.

I’ve bought this product in a moment of need: I was visiting my future parents in law and I forgot to bring my make-up bag. Having short, blonde lashes, whenever I hear volume, and the packaging has a neon color, I’m your shopper.

Let me tell you: it’s one of the worst mascaras I’ve ever tried. No volume, no extra length added, average clumping. The wand looks like a thing escaped from a horror movie and it takes too much product form the tube. Ok, you can gently wipe the wand, but what’s the  point in buying a product when half of it will be on a napkin? Moreover, it is so big that it can easily pass for a hairbrush, otherwise, as a mascara wand it is messy and don’t let me start on how it (does not) reaches the corners of the eye.

My rating: 5/10 (purely because of the orange color).

Would I repurchase this product again? No way, Jose.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)