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Paula’s Choice – Skin Perfecting BHA Gel

PC bha

Aging process hits you hard around the age of 30. You feel young at heart, your brain is in maximum sync, you’re having the time of your life but your body slowly starts showing signs of time: first gray hair, first wrinkle, first pound gained out of thin air.

BHA exfoliants were originally designed as an anti-aging product. Next to using a sunscreen every day, a well formulated AHA or BHA exfoliant is a critical part of your beauty routine. Also a BHA gel will help reduce redness, build collagen, unclog pores and even the skin color.

Currently, in terms of accessibility, the first choice for me was the product from Paula’s Choice with 2% salicylic acid. I’ve been using it religiously for a month now: every night after my face is thorough cleaned, I apply it with  my bare hands and wait about an hour before applying any other treatment in order for the product to be absorbed into the skin.


  • helps on the blackheads but in the same time you have to keep a scrupulous cleaning routine
  • haven’t noticed any whiteheads for a while now
  • fine lines seem a little bit reduced
  • my skin is smoother


  • it’s not cheap and their sales campaigns are ludicrously insignificant
  • my T zone is always shinny after using this product
  • my skin was irritated the first day, but after I haven’t seen any similar side effect
  • first week I had a lot of breakouts but after passing through this gracefully my skin is clearer now
  • they say your skin starts to become more sun sensitive, so pay attention on the SPF you’re wearing

I always say that beauty products’ efficiency is a matter of personal experience. If you are not sure about this product order samples first, it might not work for you. As for me, I’m gonna keep buying this product as the benefits are quite interesting so far.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


Bioderma Sensibio AR – Anti Redness Cream


I’m a person that recently discovered that suffers from rosacea. Although it’s in it’s early stages, I’ve discovered quite a few things since starting this battle:

  • it doesn’t matter if you had taken good care of your skin until this age, using only quality products, respecting the beauty rituals clockwise, this condition can still affect you
  • when it does, everything you knew about beauty and makeup is brought to ground zero, and you start to re-learn how to do things
  • it’s a never-ending battle that you must carry with ambition and determination and never give up

Currently I’m following the treatment that my doctor gave me but she also recommended me to use an anti-redness day cream of my choosing. I had some inefficient trails with some other brands (see it here) and based on it’s user review’s from other people with this condition, so I started my experience with Bioderma.


  • good moisturizing
  • it absorbs nicely and fast
  • pleasant texture
  • fragrance free
  • at some point, it does reduce redness, although I cannot state that this is due solely to this cream


  • redness disappearance is only temporary

For now, I will not rate this product but leave you with all of the above and an overall impression: although the product contains some anti-inflammatory ingredients as a standalone treatment cannot treat the redness which can appear again due to persistence of external factors (like cold, use of caffeine, stress, etc.)

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Natural care for sensitive skin


Hello beauties!

Today I’m going to tackle a problematic subject for many of us and share with you what have I learned so far: sensitive skin and alternative natural care.

If this is not a permanent state, every other woman has experienced at least once in her lifetime a skin that requires special attention due to sensibility. Factors (internal or external) that lead to this condition may vary from person to person and it’s a general good rule to consult a dermatologist before doing anything. With a specialist help, you can decide the best products for personal care when dealing with condition but remember that sometimes natural products are, if not a good alternative, a suplementary addition in your beauty routine.

But, some important aspects are there for your attention before any radical decision:

– First, not all that says on the label “all natural ingredients” is good for your skin. Do an extensive research and, before anything, talk to your doctor.

– Second, if a product is natural doesn’t mean its good for your skin. There are a lot of natural products that cause serious irritations.

– Third, if it’s a permanent condition (like wrinkles or skin damage) it is recommended to try specific synthetic products.

In my daily beauty routine I’ve managed to insert without effort the following:

coconut oil – this specific oil can be used for hair care, skin care, massage. As you can see I’ve got a whole jar of coconut oil:). I generally use it as moisturizer instead of body lotions after shower and I’ve noticed that my skin is softer than after using an average body lotion.
olive oil – it’s benefits are countless and for the beauty routing can used as: makeup remover, massage oil for nails, hair masks or conditioner (depending on your hair type).
vinegar – it’s main use – after washing my hair with shampoo I apply vinegar and give it a little massage and this is what gives my hair extra shine and softness. Also it’s great for dry scalp and dandruff.
aloe vera – its a heavenly treatment for reducing redness and increasing moisturizing. You can use the aloe vera gel directly from the leaf or you can mix this gel with different other ingredients for home-made masks (like eggs, honey, milk).
clay – perfect to use for reducing sebum, safest way to use cosmetic clay.

What are your natural products that you use on a regular basis?

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Daily skin routine


Like many other women, after I’ve passed the 30 years old age benchmark I’ve noticed that my skin has changed – structure, appearance, firmness. In my early 20’s I was not that much of a caretaker when concerning my skin (yes, we all do that mistake) but at the age of 32 I am more than happy to say that I’ve established a daily skincare routine that, rain or shine, I am following religiously. Recently I have also started monitoring my food intake in terms of vitamins, nutrients and proteins. The payoff? I’ll get back to you in 20 years or so.

And now, regarding to my basic skin routine, I have just picked the main products that are part of this ritual. I generally use more than the ones that I’m going to mention, but in case of emergency (e.g. long night out, overtime at the office, etc) these ensure the basic needs.

So, when I’m starting my skin cleaning process: first I use the Nivea Eye-makeup remover. After that, I will use Effaclar Micellar Water for oily to sensitive skin to remove remaining residues. What I love about this product is the fact that it’s unscented and it does not have a harsh effect on my skin. As for cleansing, sometimes I feel the need to wash my face after using it on heavy makeup, so it’s not that good.

Next comes the hydrating part. In the evenings I use a serum. I’ve been faithful to Aslavital Lift Instant serum for a while. Farmec products I generally love because they are a very good compromise of quality and price. Until now I have not seen a difference between this serum and some high end products. Honestly, it does have an effect on your expression wrinkles, the packaging is what you would expect in terms of efficiency and product safety and it does wonders on your budget.

For the morning moisturizer, I am currently usin Avene Antirouge Fort Relief Concentrate for Chronic Redness. As I have now a skin condition, I am looking for solutions to fight it. First time I had the redness breakout, this treatment has helped me pretty well. Right now I am five weeks into using this cream and I have not seen major improvement.

So, this is my main beauty routine right now. What products  are you currently using? Let me know.

Until next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)