Sleek Au Naturel Palette

sleekHello beauties!

I’ve been wanting to write a review about this palette for a while but I guess being in the middle of the “natural/nude palette madness” helped a lot .

In the morning I am a very lazy person but I never renounce at putting makeup on. And generally nude colors are really suited for a well balanced look at a corporate office (yes, nobody wants you too look like you’ve came from a club, no matter how good the final result it is) and mistakes are easily corrected or more hardly noticed with this kind of colors. So it’s makeup 101.

The colors remind me a lot of Naked 2 palette and the 12 names are a pretty funny mix of sensations, names and objects (top down, left to right): Nougat (ivory matte white), Nubuck (light matte grey), Cappuccino (matte light beige), Honeycomb (matte light orange), Toast (matte peach), Taupe (shimmery dirty brownish pink), Conker (shimmery cranberry), Moss (shimmery olive), Bark (matte dark brown), Mineral Earth (metallic bronze), Regal (matte eggplant), Noir (matte dark grey).

Thus being said, let’s get down to business.


  • package: slim, compact, well suited for transportation (every day bag or suitcase)
  • out of 12 colors, including both matte ans shimmery, you have a large possibility of mix and match;
  • very good for day to night transitions
  • the color selection is more on the cool side but will go with any eyecolor or skin type
  • the shimmery colors are very subtle
  • nice pigments – my favorites are: Cappuccino, Taupe, Regal and Moss


  • the applicator sponge (or brush in the newer versions of the palette) – worthless
  • texture – quite dusty and chalky even when blended
  • lasting – even with primer, the shades do not resist on a whole day long marathon

My rating: 6/10. I was a little bit disappointed by this palette, as another thing that Internet raved about but the product didn’t deliver in spite of the fact that I still think that the color selection is versatile and quite appealing and the fact that the palette is quite cheap it saves face in the eyes of the consumers on a budget.

What is your opinion about Sleek Au Naturel?

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)



What’s on your face this weekend?


This weekend is nothing special but just a plain, warm and sunny spring weekend. No special reason to celebrate something but that doesn’t stop us from being sexy and specials.

Generally on Saturday mornings I go to yoga classes. I find yoga very relaxing and helps me put my mind at ease. So after the yoga class my makeup is very light: little foundation or a BB cream, a little eyepencil here and there, a stroke of mascara and ready, steady, here we go for some coffee or a brunch with my friends.

I have many eye pencils, all colours and shades as I have a fascination for this genious beauty tools that help you with a quick make up in no time at all. Lately, for the weekend light makeup I’ve been stuck on two pencils mostly: Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencil and Maybelline Master Smoky.

Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencil
it’s a 2 in 1 gel shadow and liner. I have it in shade 40, which is a very nice golden shade that is very suited for day wear and also, if you have oily skin like I do and use a primer, this product can last a decent 8 hours wear.

I fell in love with Master Smokey as soon as I lay my hands on it. I mean, this id a work of a genius: a double cap shadow pencil with smudge. My first choice was a colour called Smoky Chocolate, which is a very nice warm brown, but I have also seen other interesting shades in this gama. It builds up very nicely and doesn’t crease for a long time.

When night falls, you know it’s party time. So my makeup will change accordingly.

This night I’m going to use Toleriane Teint foundation. As I have mentioned before, currently I’m having some problems with my skin as my rosacea is having a breakout moment and this foundation is a fluid corrective one specially designed for people with sensitive skin. It has a medium to full coverage,  SPF 25 but it dries very quickly so you have to work with small quantities for a good blend in. My help on this matter is my beloved Real Techniques buffing brush, a work of wonder.

Makeup Forever HD Powder will be used on top of that, as I love this product so much ( but I will have a separate review for it).

For my eyes I have decided to use the Sleek Makep Acid pallete. With Sleek Makeup is always a love-hate relationship as their products are so hyped and look nice but for the price I’m paying here in Romania their quality does not wow me. For instance, this mineral eyeshadows are quite chalky and you need to work quite long on building them up for a longer wear. But the colours are realy nice, funky and fun to wear.

For the finishing touches, a little bit of perfume; one of my favorites is Givenchy Amarige -a very sexy and sweet fragnance.

So, what are you going to wear on your face this weekend?

Until then, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)