December empties and New Year’s Eve thoughts


Hello beauties,

It has been a long year and for me especially challenging. When I started this blog I just needed another project to invest my energy into and because beauty takes a lot of my energy, time and money, I just pinpointed to a beauty blog. But also my everyday life got complicated throughout the year and at times I found myself cringing in need for an extra hour so one of the important lessons I’ve started to learn through this blog was planning and time management. Also, another thing it came at my attention through this project was my natural tendency to do too much, too quickly, achieving fast results, a point taken on my 2015 objective list of “to improve”. Overall, it has been a year when I’ve learned a lot and I’m sharing a part of my lessons here, with all of you.

Now, that the introductions are done, let’s go through the December empties list and see if we have some new discoveries or not, what has failed or what has been a repurchase.


  • Bioderma Sensibio Anti-Redness – this face cream currently it’s on the top of my favorite face cream and I’ve been buying it throughout this year. You can read details about it here (full review) and here.
  • Soap&Glory Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Face Serum – I am so sorry that this product is empty so quickly; it was used night and day with abundance, I have liked the results and I will definitely repurchase it when the occasion arises; you can read the full review here.
  • Cosmetic Plant Tonic Lotion with sea-buckthorn oil and olive oil – this tonic lotion was purchased with the thought of a gentle care for my sensitive skin due to numerous positive reviews from Romanian bloggers. Well, it wasn’t so gentle for my skin as expected and overall it had to much alcohol in composition that it had a drying effect so at one point I stopped using it and now I just want to throw it away. Bottom line, it will not be a repurchase for me and my advice for you is: don’t believe everything you read, be smart and choose wisely informed.


  • Farmec Quick Dry nail spray –  this is a repurchase, you can read about it also here.
  • CARE Nail polish remover – this is a low cost own brand from Mega Image  superstores chain. Nothing special about it, but efficient.


  • Nivea cream – this is the classic Nivea cream and because it’s a classic- everybody must have used it at least once in our lifetime. Thus I did not consider it was the place for a review. I’ve used it every day for hand cream, instead of body cream or even face cream (when desperate times call for desperate measures) and it’s a winner. It is always by my side on and off and if you don’t have the same approach I recommend you to reconsider it.
  • Apidermin cream – Baby, it’s cold outside, and my skin doesn’t want to suffer. This thick cream with honey is very good for moisturizing (although it’s not for all types of skin) and always a good alternative for your usual face and body cream; you can also read about it here.


  • Batiste dry shampoo – this is the Floral&Flirty Blush dry-shampoo from Batiste. It was a little bit too floral scented for my taste but nevertheless and I’ve noticed that it was a little drying if used for the second day hair, but overall it has achieved it’s purpose like any other Batiste dry shampoo. For the classic Batiste dry shampoo, you can read the full review here. Nevertheless, I will not buy again this version of Batiste due to the fragrance, but this scent may appeal to you as a pleasant one.
  • Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment – it’s the third or forth time I’m emptying this Wella treatment, and as you have noticed, this is the kind of product that makes your money’s worth; you can read the full review here.


  • MaxFactor Miracle Touch – this creamy foundation I absolutely loved it and I’ve tried to buy it again but I haven’t been able to see it in stock at Sephora. Nevertheless I recommend it and I would buy it again without any second thought; you can read the full review here.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)


September empties


Hello beauties!

What a busy month! First it was vacation for me, then coming back with an awful cold from the Florida’s beaches, then working like a mule to finish some projects. And still am, but that’s life and you have to enjoy every moment, no matter.

September has ended swiftly and I have a lot of empties to talk about. Unfortunately there are no makeup products in this list as lately it seems I’ve been buying a lot and never got the chance to concentrate a lot on finishing them.


  • Boots Mango & Papaya Body Cream – I’ve been telling you about this product in June (read: here) but I never had the chance of reviewing this body cream; well, the bottom line: great scent but not such a great product in terms of body cream – it has a low degree for moisturizing the skin which remains somehow sticky after using the cream. It consists in a mix between a gel and a cream – the gel is ok but sticky and the cream will hardly be absorbed into the skin. Not gonna buy this again
  • Nivea anti-perspirant Invisible for Black&White – it’s a classic, but better for winter than summer
  • Nivea Q10 Anti-Age hand-cream – really, for a drugstore brand, they deliver some of the best hand-creams and whenever I don’t know what to buy, Nivea would be the choice – medium priced but good quality.


  • Farmec Quick Dry nail spray – Other brand I like and this product helps me every  week  when I’m doing my nails in the morning – it really speeds the nail polish drying  process. It is basically my first quick nail dry spray but it’s cheap and efficient and already has a refill in my bathroom.


  • Wella Brilliance Treatment for fine to normal hair – you can read the review: here. And yes, I started using the refill:)


  • Beauty Formulas – Cleansing Nose Pore Strips – I try to use the nose pore strips once a week. This package has been bought from DM drugstore, it was a little bit expensive than the others and I was trying it for the first time. Overall, it didn’t seem that it does something extra or different than any other cleansing nose pore strips so nothing to review here.
  • Bioderma Sensibio AR – Probably you have noticed that this second bottle of this face cream that I’ve emptied but I’m convinced it’s a good one. I believe it to be perfect for summer days if you have sensitive or oily skin. Just give it a try.
  • Botanics – Cleansing Face Wipes All Bright – I’ve been using this face wipes when going to the gym (to clear the makeup before working out) and during my holiday, when I was too tired to wash my face (bad choice, I know, but I’m not perfect). Overall, I felt like they do a decent cleaning job but considering they are face wipes for sensitive skin they should never put perfume in them and although the material didn’t feel irritating my skin was a little bit red after using them. So, I have my doubts if I’m going to use them again.
  • Elmiplant Micelar Water – read my review: here. Overall, be smart and don’t waste your money on a product not worthy of them.

Yes, it has been a busy month, but I hope that the next month I’m going to have a diversified list:) Have a wonderful October!

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)

Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment


Hello beauties!

I am sorry for my delayed absence due to prolonged vacation combined with a hectic first week at the office. Talk about real life blasting!

What I’ve learned about bags for holiday during this time: if you are going to the beach always pack a hair mask. In this regard, about two months ago I’ve bought this Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment for my recently colored hair. And boy, how I’ve missed this mask during my week at the beach.


  • good moisturizer – after applying it the hair remains soft
  • it has a pleasant fragrance
  • it rinses quickly
  • makes the hair extremely manageable afterward


  • the texture is not as thick as I would expect at a mask, but at a conditioner
  • I have not seen any effects in terms of extra shine

Bottom line, I would recommend this mask for you to try because like any professional treatment, it delivers a higher quality than the average drugstore product. For what it’s worth I’ve already bought a second can and just after one usage, my hair (affected by salt, sun and beach) started it’s revitalization.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)



Happy June beauty haul


Hello ladies! Hope your summer started with a fun weekend.

I recently decided to turn my life around in terms of care. About 8 months ago, I quit smoking and subsequently became prone to gaining weight. A lot. A week ago I’ve decided enough is enough and bought my first mountain bike and did the first 10 miles of my healthy new life. Somehow this new attitude is reflected in my recent beauty haul.

As we age, we all need to take good care of our skin through food, exercise and beauty products. Using anti-aging products after 30’s is something I should not remind as being a must. The skin around the eyes is a very special area that needs extra attention. This is how I came to try Ivatherm’s UNA Anti-Aging eye cream with Plant stem cells. They promise a great boost in epidermal regeneration. I will come back to that thought very soon, addressing it a review.

Aging is a tough process and fighting against it sometimes it takes it toll. As my first gray hair started showing this year I was left no alternative but to color my (once pure sandy blonde) hair. In doing that, I’ve opened the Pandora box for treatments that help you keep your color vibrant and the hair texture in place. So, soon to be reviewed is this Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment for fine to normal, coloured hair.

As putting my body to extreme tasks like cycling is quite challenging, I’ve decided that a little pampering is in order and I wanted to give it a try to this Boots Mango & Papaya Body Cream. It smells exotic, looks very yummy and at least will guarantee a pleasant experience.

And where would I be without some lipstick? Yes indeed, the new product from Rimmel: Lasting Finish by Kate. This is a matte lipstick which I chose in a shade called Rossetto.

What are your newly acquired beauty products? Tell us within a short comment.

Until the next time, wear red lipstick and glitter all the way:-)